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    hello everyone

    I've made an introduction in the general discussion but figured I would make another one here as well. Well to start I just passed/completed my CCDW Instructors course yesterday and am very eager to start teaching and fighting the good fight. I'm prior military (11B, 2ID), and currently a deputy jailer and have been for a little over 2.5yrs now. I'm definitely looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge from you guys before I dive head first in teaching a class. I'm also very fortunate to have a good mentor who is an instructor-trainer to guide my path as an instructor. Looking forward to sharing experiences and knowledge. Trust me any ounce of info is always greatly appreciated.

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    Congratulations Tyler, draw from your 11B experience. A good Grunt can do ANYTHING!
    Be Safe,
    Owner, Self Defense CWP

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    Welcome aboard the CCDW ship here. :)

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