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    I noticed that. Odd that they went through all the trouble to write that mess, when it's basically the same as every other posted place. Government in action, I guess.

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    Howdy neighbor

    dmase here from the Great State of Ky. Good to be here and good to know you are too.

  4. Hello

    I too am from Northern KY.
    Glad to be part of the forum.

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    Just wanted all you fellow Bluegrass guys to know there is one more in your fold. Just joined today. Have been lurking around here for a few weeks and finally decided to join.

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    Hi everyone!!

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    Hi everyone - hope you don't mind a girl in the group

    My husband and I are CCDW instructors. We're in Barren County - South Central KY. We're about 30 miles northeast of Bowling Green - out in the country.

    We moved to Kentucky from upstate New York in 2005. Folks are so friendly here. I wish I'd moved here years before.

    Hubby is retired. No kids at home. One son in Oregon, one daughter in upstate New York. Other kin in Boston, the Carolinas.... spread out pretty well.

    I'll probably give you fellas a chuckle... my EDC is a Bersa/Firestorm .380 - It's in my purse where ever I go. I also carry a .357 Lady Smith and love to plink with my Walther P22....

    Hope you don't mind a girl hangin' around the range....

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    Welcome bdsoper. From Henderson here about an hour or so north west of you . Always nice to have fellow Kentuckians here. And BTW I never mind ladies hanging around the range. Nothing wrong with a lady that knows how to handle a gun

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    I just happened across this site a few weeks back and just how go around the posting. *LOL* Looking forward to posting more in the coming years.

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    Hi all! New to sight from the capitol. Like Tango said, just found this site a couple of weeks. Hope to learn a lot here. Should be receiving my CCDW any day now.

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    Welcome everybody! So glad to have ya, and glad you will have me!

    Central Kentucky

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