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    I am going to Lexington Wednesday, and admittedly did not think to research KY carry laws until a couple of days ago. Was just going along, like an ignorant goob, and now I am coming up short on info.

    Does KY allow carry in hotels? I don't see them listed on the prohibited carry list, and I see where those who rent or lease housing can't prohibit carry on the premises (not sure hotels count as "housing" but ya never know) would it just be up to the individual hotel? If they prohibit carry inside...can I lock it in my car (I have a safe) on property?

    I will be at the convention center, if anyone knows offhand whether that is posted, I'd be grateful.

    I did manage to find the laws regarding vehicle transport and restaurant carry.

    Maybe I should just call and ask? I don't actually know if I can get a human at the convention center....I've failed to get one at the local center before! I

    'm NOT asking anyone to research for me, just asking for anyone with knowledge at the front of their brain to share, if they don't mind.

  3. KY carry laws

    I unfortunately don't know if I'll be extremely helpful... I live in Indiana however I worked in KY for a short time and I concealed carry anywhere I went with no issues. I did some training at the Holiday Inn Express in the Lexington area (Richmond) and carried my gun with me while at the hotel (concealed). In my hotel room I just kept my gun in my suitcase since I couldn't carry to the training cause it was at a college (Eastern KY University)... I would say feel free to carry where you want. As for the convention center I would carry unless there are expressly stated signs forbidding it. IMO

  4. I called (finally got a free 20 minutes...where did those come from???) Told them I was shopping for pro 2A hotels to patronize while staying in Kentucky.

    Hotel is ok for carry (Hyatt Regency Lexington) But Lexington Center is NO GUNS. Just in case anyone else is wondering. Thanks for your assistance, Chad Spencer!

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