1 Positive and 1 Neutral encounter
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    1 Positive and 1 Neutral encounter

    Last week, I went to a local Wawa (convenience store). A local cop SUV parked next to my car and got out as I was going in. As usual, I was open carrying.

    The cop smiled and asked me what I was carrying. I told him it was a Glock 17. He smiled again and told me I made a good choice - Glocks were his preference too. Then we parted ways and nothing more. This is incredibly surprising, considering the rather "upscale" neighborhood I was in. I would have sworn that I would have gotten at least a "talking to".

    A week before that, I was in line at Dunkin' Donuts, open carrying. In front of me was a Pennsylvania State Trooper. He glanced around, looked at me, looked at my hip (with my holstered Glock), looked at me again, then turned around and waited to order. Nothing said.

    Looks like police are generally coming around to the legality of carrying a weapon.

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    Returning from bowhunting the other nite with my son, I had my XD sitting on the console of the truck next to me. Flashing lights behind me was my signal that, apparently, I was speeding (I was). As I pulled to the side of the road, my son (doesn't carry) got concerned about the weapon. I told him to leave it and to relax. State cop approached my window and notices my CCWP next to my license (I carry both in a plastic holder and he shined his flashlight on it as I was retrieving my license (we're not required to inform LEO if we're packin'). As I get my license out, he asks if I have my weapon. I say "yup, right there". That was it. He asked it we had seen any big bucks (nope) and then proceeded to knock down my mph so I only get a $10 fine and no points. Of course, I thank him for that. He replies "Ok, have a good evening and stay safe". Yup, LE is getting comfortable; sweet.

  4. I was pulled over and so I followed the training I received. I left my hands on the steering wheel, in my state we are required to inform LEO at the first possible moment, she asked me for my license and I informed her. Since my permit is an out of state permit (the training I received was from Utah and I checked into it and UT has reciprocity w/more states than my state does, so I got it out of UT) she had to call Ut to check on it. The person she talked to didn't know what the heck they were talkin' about and the person told the officer that I wasn't legal to carry in my state. She informed me that I should check and secure my weapon at the first possible convenience, I agreed and went on my way. Of course I didn't because I knew that the person in Ut didn't know what they were talkin' about (I confirmed this just to make sure) but I didn't argue w/the officer. She was polite and accepting and I didn't want to make her job any harder than it already is, so I agreed and went on my way. It was a pleasant experience and I was glad to get it over w/.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Yup, LE is getting comfortable; sweet.
    That's a great story...but you're in North Dakota right? Here on the east coast I'd be tasting pavement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange Boy View Post
    That's a great story...but you're in North Dakota right? Here on the east coast I'd be tasting pavement
    Born and raised in Baltimore, MD....left 30 years ago and I'd never move back.

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