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    Glocks do field strip a little different than most other automatics. They are not hard once you know what you are doing but that is the key. Know what you are doing. Anyone that would grab someone else's gun without permission and start messing with it especially if he does not know what he is doing is an idiot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrcandrews View Post
    They don't allow guns in Illinois do they? How would this "Einstein" know how to disassemble or reassemble any firearm? This is really a very sad commentary, considering this guy is a LEO.
    They do allow ( according to the deputy sheriff) if they are unloaded and locked in the trunk with the ammo
    in the glove compartment.

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    Geeezzz!!! Did they not teach that in the academy??? The Glock pistol, being one of the most widely used pistols in law enforcement in the US, and he doesn't know how to field strip one??? Huh??? Good Lord!! IMO they are one of the easiest and fastest to field strip. WOW!!! What a dork!!

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