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Thread: 1st LEO Encounter While CCW'ing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    This thread spits in the face of civil rights. I said there are many reasons why an officer may pull you over. HOWEVER, they should'nt make stuff up. IE: 'Oh, I thought your license plate light was out".

    I had an officer pull me over because he thought I had no plate. I bought a new car, the temp tag was displayed on the back window, and the windows were tinted.

    He walked up, shined his light saw the tag and said "I couldn't see your temp tag, sorry" and walked off..

    That's the way it should be. If they can't catch bad guys within the law then they should resign. When we start to accept unproductive stops, it leads us down a very dangerous path.
    Dang straight.

    LEO occupy a "different" place in my head: yeah, they often have a dangerous gig and I don't mind if they put scumbags away. On the other hand, they ARE agents of the government and as such, can deny me my freedom in a very immediate way. If they operate within the confines of my civil rights, they get my support. Soon as they think they are one-man crusaders for peace and justice (and screw the Constitution), they become the enemy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Yeah, it turned out ok for ya, but what was he doing asking all these irrelevant questions ("What do you do for a living?" "Do you work at a rough school?") and more imprortantly, why did you answer them? I'm not one to make a cop's job any harder but he pulled you over for spurious reasons and then proceeded to give you the grand inquisition. This LEO takes himself WAY too seriously and IMHO is gonna overstep his bounds big-time one day unless he's reined in.

    When I'm asked where I'm coming from and where I'm going (seem to be common questions), I just hesitate and raise my eyebrows. This gets the point across that it's none of your business, and they almost invariably keep on without waiting for an answer.

    Again, I'm not rabidly anti-LE, but there are limits to how cooperative I'm going to be, particularly if I feel I've been pulled over for a fishing expedition.
    I am not anti-LEO ......

    I feel he was using his badge as a power trip, what you do for a living "Does not matter"

    A few years ago we had police officers in Bellevue, WA. that liked pulling over Bikers to see if their Helmets were up to D.O.T. standards. People got tired of it and began complaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    ... there are many reasons why an officer may pull you over. HOWEVER, they shouldn't make stuff up. If they can't catch bad guys within the law then they should resign.
    Agreed ClearSight.

    However, these sorts of stops do happen. And, if you have the misfortune of being the recipient of one of these stops, being respectful and cooperative is the best course of action. IF you feel after the stop that the officer’s actions were inappropriate, there are proper channels by which to address the matter. BUT, don’t make a bad situation worse—two WRONGS do not a RIGHT make!
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    Here is my Problem with the whole Situation. Once he Determined that your plate light was fine and, in good working order The officer should of Said Im sorry to have Bothered you and, have an good night. Why all The questions and asking for your License. Other Folks Are Right. That Officer was trying to create an Reason or, Find something wrong. If Your going to go fishing at least have some bait!!! Honestly, that Officer has no Valid Reason to Continue asking you What You Do for a living,Why You need an permit Etc. Etc. I Commend you on how you handled yourself A+++++ Well Good Luck and, Please Im No Expert this is just my Opionion
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    I would not file a formal complaint by any means, but I would send a handwriten letter to the Sherriff, telling him of the incident, and you are definatly NOT REQESTING ANY ACTION be taken against the Deputy, you just want him to be aware of what happened, another way to look at it is, what if you were some crazy wacko with a gun and when, deputy Fife got out of his car you may blown him into the next county, and this poor dudes family just lost a dad and father, because he was fishing

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    This is a situation that unfortunately I have way to much experience with. As a trucker I am regularly stopped by both D.O.T. officers and normal LEOs.Mostly at weigh stations, I can tell you from that same experience that most are just trying to do their jobs, but that some really get off on the power trip. If I am treated with respect I like wise treat the offficer with respect..However if they act stupid I simply ask "Where is my Lawyer?" WE have the right to legal representation when being questioned by LEO. We also have the right to remain silent. We also have the right to protest and ask for redress of our grievances. I may get a ticket but it better hold water cause I will hammer them in court. No matter how you handle it do it respectfully...I may do all the above but I will do it with a cool respectful attitude because they will find something to write you a ticket for if you are abusive to them...I know from experience...

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    Ok. so here's mine. I was driving ome after work in my beater truck (79 ford with a wood tailgate, I use it to haul trash and such).
    I pull over
    leo: license and reg
    me: is their a problem
    leo: give me what I asked for and I'll tell you
    I hand him my license and reg along with my cpl
    leo: do you have your gun on you
    me: yes sir I do
    leo: HANDS ON THE DASH (his gun is now out at his side)
    my hands ? ......on the dash of cours
    door flies open
    leo: WHERE IS IT?
    me: (as calm as I could) small of my back.
    He yanked my gun out dumped the shells and went back to his car. When he came back he was a bit calmer. He gave me a ticket for not telling a peace officer that I had a gun. He said that I was speeding. I wasn't. I went to the sheriff the next day and told him everything. I had to pay a fine and got to keep my cpl. When my cpl came up for renewall I let it go cause I didn't feel I should have to deal with cops like that. Now I am getting it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    Fact is that most* vehicles on the road are out of compliance SOMEWHERE...that pretty little flower you have there around your rear view mirror is obstruction of vision, that little bitty chip is as well.

    Your free advertising for the dealership AKA license plate frame is obstructing your registration sticker.
    Your window tint may not be in compliance with state law.
    You have a tail light, turn signal, headlight, license plate lamp out or so covered by dirt and grime that it isn't functional.
    You have defective equipment (IE: a trunk that is tied down using rope=very freakin' funny)

    Furthermore, most people aren't *perfect* drivers:
    Forget to use your turn signal did ya?
    Not a complete stop at a stop sign.
    forget your seat belt?
    Driving in the left lane except to pass another vehicle (seriously a violation in my state)
    Coasting (lmao- yes really..)

    The sad fact is, there is usually always a reason to pull someone over...
    he just has to say "You weaved a little back there, making sure you are ok"

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    Unfortunately this goes on all the time and we all seem to learn to put up with it. We make the fact that we are carrying a focus of the event and the fact that the LEO did not hassle us for carrying as some sort of good thing.

    The fact is that carrying is NOT the focus and LEO should never hassle anyone over legal carry. They also should not make up excuses to stop vehicles, and we really should not "fell good" that we got off so lightly.

    We readily submit our license and permits for their review and "assume" that it is all OK, but what if he politely said, "your plate lights are OK, but would you mind if I searched your car". Would you politely agree ... the unfortunate fact is that many times ... people do!

    I am very much PRO-LEO and am active both personally and professionally with organizations such as FOP and PBA, and I have learned that LEO's also recognize there are over zealous memebers of the team. Don't condem LEO's because of it, but don't allow your rights to get trampled either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45ACP View Post
    Yes, but three LEFTS do make a RIGHT?! ...

    UR cracking me up!

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