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Thread: 1st LEO Encounter While CCW'ing

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    Thumbs up Well said, 2bear!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2beararms View Post
    Unfortunately this goes on all the time and we all seem to learn to put up with it. We make the fact that we are carrying a focus of the event and the fact that the LEO did not hassle us for carrying as some sort of good thing.

    The fact is that carrying is NOT the focus and LEO should never hassle anyone over legal carry. They also should not make up excuses to stop vehicles, and we really should not "fell good" that we got off so lightly.

    We readily submit our license and permits for their review and "assume" that it is all OK, but what if he politely said, "your plate lights are OK, but would you mind if I searched your car". Would you politely agree ... the unfortunate fact is that many times ... people do!

    I am very much PRO-LEO and am active both personally and professionally with organizations such as FOP and PBA, and I have learned that LEO's also recognize there are over zealous memebers of the team. Don't condem LEO's because of it, but don't allow your rights to get trampled either.
    I agree with 2bear. We should all act as if exercising our second amendment right is the norm, not some weird activity in which, due to our license, we are allowed to participate.

    I generally support the police, but as a former LEO, I will state with no qualifications that, when it comes to anything involving my family or myself, I do not and will not trust any Law Enforcement Officer to do what is best for me and mine. I have seen time and time again people being deprived of the rights given them by the Bill of Rights. In defense of most LEO's, the police nowadays seem to be almost as ignorant of those rights as the average citizen.

    When confronted by any LEO's questions, my response is "I'm sorry, but I do not answer questions from Law Enforcement Officers without an attorney present." I still willingly identify myself, provide license and registration, and notify officers that I am carrying if I am in a state that requires me to do so.

    It frightens me that their are so many responses that indicate a surrender of constitutional protection because it is "easier" or "less hassle". I am certain that the signatories to the Declaration of Independence would have experienced "less hassle" if they had declined to sign, but it is my experience that the RIGHT way is rarely the easy way.

    It has been enlightening for me, after researching some of the posters on this thread, to find that they are ready to give up their guns "bullets first" come the big gun grab, yet they are not willing to take a stand before it gets to that point because the are in a hurry to get home and see Grey's Anatomy.
    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by marionandjohn View Post
    I have to agree and disagree at the same time. You're correct he really didnt have a reason to go in to the questioning that he did but he did. Once an officer has you pulled over the investigation has begun. Criminals are getting smarter everyday therefore cops are unable to catch them in the act or as they are getting away. However just as someone said earlier almost every car/driver on the road has a reason to be pulled over this includes criminals. Its called fishing and you may not like it but its the best way to catch the BG's. Just because he saw your plate was properly lit does not me the fishing journey has to end. What if it would have be an acctual wanted felon or someone with a warrant out would you want the cop to walk away just because the reason he pulled him over is acctually good? KUNGFUMAN I think you handled the situtaion just as you should have and you prevailed with out have to shoot the cop . I have been pulled over and "let go" many times in my life more then I can remember and it was probally not that the cop just decided not to give me a ticket but the fact he wasnt out giving ticket but instead looking for BG's (his job) Remeber I think it might have been a S&W advertisement or a quote from someone else but when seconds matter the police are only minutes away. They cant get there in time to stop the crime but they can pull over cars and make arrests then.

    Also when approached by an officer (atleast in TN) if he asks you anything even if its just your name he is conducting an investigation and you can not lie to him. There is no reason to be rude just answer his questions and he will be on his way. Weather you feel he has a right to ask the questions or not I would rather answer his ridiculous questions and go about by day then to try and argue that he dont have the right to ask this or that and end up somewhere else or with a lawyer (and lawyer fees) just to prove a point. Its just not worth the hassle to me.
    You make good points, the only thing I question is you assume that all or most LEOs are strait up people, and we all know this is not always the case, the debate over weather to inform the officer of your CCW permit is tough to answer because not all LEOs have the same opinion as to civilians haveing guns, what I'm talking about is a superviser of mine from work was pulled over one morning on the way to work, his car had a taillight not working, he gets pulled over cop ask's for LI and REG, INS, ok no prob so far goes back to his car after a minuite or so gets out of his car, quikly walks up with his Glock in his hand orders my boss out of his car, makes him assume, and ask's where the hells the gun, what gun, you have a permit so wheres the gun, it was at the gun shop getting some work done, about this time another cop pulls up, just about when the cuffs came out, cop two ask's cop 1 whats going on they spoke between themselfs cop 1 comes back gives him his stuff back and says you can go, no sorry no nothing, turns out cop 2 knew my boss and our shop, we work and there (police) cars my boss is 62 years old, gave cop 1 no stuff at all, he's not really the type to, I understand the officer protecting himself but I think he went way overboard, so did evrybody else, even some other LEOs we asked

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    I have had a few interactions with law enforcement since I received my permit, and none have gone badly. In Colorado we are not required to inform a LEO that we are carrying unless they ask. I have friends that hand the LEO their permit when handing their other info over, but I'm not sure what I would do. The Sheriff of my county does not link a permit to a license as he does not feel that a right should be reported. He keeps all required paperwork on file, and that is as far as he goes. I travel to Nebraska a lot, and they just started reciprocation in November. While familiarizing myself with their requirements I learned that anytime a permit holder is speaking to any kind of emergency services personnel, that they are required to inform them if carrying, and also required to surrender the weapon to them for the duration of the conversation, if asked. I don't have a problem informing an officer, but I am not very happy with the rest of the requirement. I don't really want to hand my weapon to some snot nosed EMT just to make him feel better, but if I want to carry there, I have to follow thier laws. I do my best to follow all traffic and other laws so that it doesn't happen, and so far have been successful. I have been travelling there on business for many years without any problems, and I hope to keep it that way now that I can legaly exercize my right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    the best reply ever!! ^ ^up there. I agree with you marionandjohn. There is no reason to get your panties in a wad answering simple questions.
    I'm torn. It seems easiest to just go along with the officer. It also seems that it is an unconstitutional stop demanding your papers. I think that if it were in an area where I lived, I would go along with the officer and the next day I would visit the station house and have a discussion with the highest ranking officer who would see me. If we don't insist on our rights we won't have any. Look what's happened to the 2nd Amendment.

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    I'm curious about something in your last post. When Implying that while you are in Nebraska and, Either pulled over or, communicating with Emergency Personnel, You Must Notify and, Surrender your weapon upon request. Does this Imply Sanctioned Only, Emergency Personnel (Peace Officers,LEO'S) or does this mean EMT'S too. I cant see any State Law that would require you to surrender your weapon to Un-trained or,Un- Qualified Persons. I mean no Dis-respect towards EMT"S they are Vital part of our community But, most of them are not trained in the use or, proper handling of Firearms. This has the potential of being an Ugly situation for you and, Persons asking to handle your weapon. If upon request I would Surrender my weapon to( Leo's, Peace Officer's) But, In no way would I ever Surrender my weapon to some EMT Unless He or, She was Licensed or, had CCW Permit and is, Familiar with the proper handling of weapons. Just Imagine handing my Glock G20 over to someone who has never handled this type of weapon. Remember the ATF Agent who shot Himself on National TV in Front of Elementary Students. And, he was Trained!!!! I'm not trying to discredit you in anyway I'm just Curious if this is what the Nebraska State Laws Requires you to do. If this is true we need to change this Law and require Training for all Emergency Personnel in the safe Handling of Weapons. To prevent or, avoid someone getting hurt or even worse, Killed. Thanks You For your time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomboy007 View Post
    I agree with 2bear. We should all act as if exercising our second amendment right is the norm, not some weird activity in which, due to our license, we are allowed to participate.

    It has been enlightening for me, after researching some of the posters on this thread, to find that they are ready to give up their guns "bullets first" come the big gun grab, yet they are not willing to take a stand before it gets to that point because the are in a hurry to get home and see Grey's Anatomy.
    Excellent points. Yeah, we're all getting ready for when the SHTF; maybe we need a little more "practice" in standing up for and exercising our rights before we start spraying lead all over the place. Which I seriously doubt most gun owners will do, anyway. IMO, we're gonna find out that a lot of sheep own guns and will readily surrender them, when ordered to do so. Just me; I'm not known for my optimism.

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    That was what the regs say. I need to find out myself if our interpretations are correct. I would not be comfortable with it either, but it may not be a choice. A weapon with a real safety is one thing, but as you said, a Glock or an XD could cause problems easily. I had planned on doing more research before I have to head back out there. The law is brand new as they only became shall issue within the last year or two I believe, so I wanted to wait until the LEOs became more familiar with it. Maybe one of our Nebraska members can shed more light on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMan View Post
    Officers aren't omniscient, knowing the criminal disposition of every driver that passes. The fishing isn't over until he determines his catch is legal, including checking for wants/warrants. Once he runs the DL he knows whether or not he's got a keeper, and it sounds like he did just that. I don't see a problem.
    I have to agree with you. I can appreciate the cop trying to get drunk drivers. I think both the officer and driver handled the situation well.

  10. The only questions he should be asking you if you have any weapons on you or in the vehicle for officer safety.The drinking question is ok, but not what you do and how you got a carry permit is not needed info.The officer made a poor stop in my opinion,I was pulled over by a young state trooper while driving with a couple of friends in my Camaro SS.It was a sunny day and I was driving the speed limit.My friends were very upset because I did nothing wrong,I said just don't say a word.The trooper got on the PA and said to move the car further off the road which was almost against the rail.He got out of the vehicle in a stern command voice license, registration and insurance card.I had all my paperwork in hand I asked the trooper why he stopped me he did not give an answer as he was looking at my Drivers license he asked where are you going ,work sir.He than asked me wheres work and I said that I have work to do on my tree stand,he than asked me if I have any weapons in the vehicle.I said you can tell I have guns by just looking through the back window.His reaction next was panic,I said you must be new that would be the first thing you would see as you approached the vehcle, that there was a gun case visible.He asked me to exit the vehicle slowly I exited the vehicle and he began to yell at me for not informing him that there was a gun in the car.Now it started to become a personal issue with the trooper.I calmly asked the trooper why did you stop me,he never answered but said you shut up I ask the questions.This is all less than a minute another trooper vehicle pulls up.The trooper recognized me from a refusal hearing at DMV.He said what's up I don't know the trooper never said why he stopped me.The young trooper said to me shut up I said I'll ask the questions.The other trooper said hey you know who that is and he said some rich [email protected]#%*% so I said may I speak.The other trooper said what is going on here.I said this guy pulled me over for no reason and got pissed, I told him I had a gun in the car.The trooper who knew me said to the other trooper, off duty cops can carry a gun it's ok, why did you stop him.He looked like he was speeding,I said to the trooper look it's nothing personal if I was doing something wrong write me the ticket, I know I wasn't speeding.In all my years in LE I never ran into a situation like this.I never shove a badge all I do is hand over my paper work with my PD ID at the bottom of the drivers license.This trooper neverpicked up I was a LEO as he only focused on where I was going.Apparently the trooper thought I may have been a drug dealer from my shiny chrome wheels and by the look of having a couple of dark individuals inside the vehicle.Yes it was a very sad experience.He said to me today's your lucky day and gave me back my ID.Most cops are good people and do the right thing everyday.This individual was new and on a power trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToyRunner1 View Post
    A weapon with a real safety is one thing, but as you said, a Glock or an XD could cause problems easily.
    I've never owned either, of any manufacturer or caliber. I have a Colt 1911 .45, Barretta .9, Cobra, and some others, all of which have some type of safety. I though all firearms, made since somewhere in the '80s, had to have some type of safety. Are you referring to earlier manufactured dates or did I misread the gist of your sentence? Can you explain more your comment? Thanks.

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