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Thread: Note to self: turn on the headlights

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    Too bad they don't include auto dimming for those who drive with their brights on. Which is 1950s tech.
    I would rather see a BB gun mounted on the rear bumper so I could shoot out the lights on the jacked up Ford pickup behind me that even though his light are on low beam they are so high and bright that they shine directly in my rear view mirror no matter what. There is a law on how high your headlights can be and I haven't measured but it seems to me that those are too high. It seems that Ford pickups, even stock, are the worse but there are some others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktodd View Post
    I'm totally spoiled by my trucks auto headlight feature. Daytime lights turn off and headlights on automatically. What did we ever do before this technology?? Haha.
    Same here, my trucks the same way, when i get in my wifes car i'm always runnin around with no headlights

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    Is it the law to inform the LEO that you armed or did you just do it to be courteous?

    I am new here and trying to learn as many laws as possible so take it easy one me.

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