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Thread: Open carry incident in Nashville gets me detained 2.5 hour at gun point carried AK-47

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Axeanda45 View Post
    How in the hell did this hurt anything?????????
    One need only listen to the demeanor of the news reporters and witnesses to see where they are going with this publicity.Like I said the Brady Bunch has a new poster boy.

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    Just two or three minor points: this is precisely why some states don't have OC. Also, there are those who believe that you shouldn't advertise the fact that you carry so you won't be targeted, as many have stated already. But, in the eighties a previously little known porn king named Larry Flint fought (and won) for his right to publish his extreme version of nude women and not many of his fellow publishers (not pornographers but magazine and newspapers) railed against him. Even conservative papers, by and large, kept their mouth shut. Even if they disagreed with what he published, they stood behind his right to do so, because they all benefitted from it. The point being, sometimes it takes extremists to stand up and fight for the rest of us to have our modest forms of the same freedoms. Instead of letting that congressman someone talked about say it was a machine pistol, maybe a few people actually learned that it really wasn't. Maybe not, I don't know, just something to think about. I think I would have carried documentation, but thats just me. Local LEO's here are not known for knowledge, service, or even professionalism or just plain old common sense. They hire them off the streets. I've even had to tell ours what town they were in (two towns adjacent to one another and they don't know where one town becomes the other). State Police are excellent in AR and probably would know, but you can't pick who pulls you over or walks by you.

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    There are good arguments on both sides about incidents like this, but in the end, I fear too many may be saying the equivalent of "just get up and give the guy your seat Rosa, we don't need to be making any trouble now..."

    Sometimes we do have to draw a line in the sand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    You are right he did not physically hurt anything or anyone but the bad press he gave legal gun owners did irrepairable damage (where is your proof of such damage?)to the confidence that the public has in us as a whole. Was he with in his rights? Yes was he using his noggin...NOPE! I take issue with those who chose to damage others by negligence(I am asking again.... PROOF? not your opinion please, real proof of damage. )He falls into that category.(of people who use tactics you disagree with) Did you really read the news articles this guy generated? (nope, I dont believe a single word of ANY type of authorized journalists, so why should I even read them? do you believe everything they write/say?) Being called a Gunman is not a good thing. Making other people feel uneasy not a good thing. (so, if I read a book that makes you nervous/uneasy, that makes it a bad thing to do?)Causing uniformed officers to call for back-up not a good thing. ( ummmm, if they want to do that, isnt that a good thing, to be safe/sure about something ?)

    He could have and should have reacted much differently. (WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU GET OFF TELLING SOMEONE ELSE HOW TO ACT ???)The whole taped conversation tells me he not only planned this in advance but wanted the confrontation.(And you are a mind reader? what about most of the others that open carry or even CC that carry recorders? are we now idiots and media hounds??) He does not warrant the respect that I reserve for every other gun toting patron of this board because he has not earned it. (because he didnt do something the way you would have, boohoo)I definitely do not trust his judgement nor do I support his actions.(fine, no argument from me here, you are entitled to your opinion, but you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ATTACK THIS PERSON FOR HAVING ONE TOO) I think the ranger acted accordingly. They detained a guy who was generating complaints and held him until they sorted out whether or not he was a threat to himself or others. (never said they didnt act correctly)They did not beat him, taze him or shoot him. KUDOS to the rangers for the restraint they showed while they sorted this thing out. (+1)

    Again Gun Painted to look like toy = Bad Thing (just your opinion, doesnt make it wrong that he did it)
    Looking for confrontation and taping it for attention and possible future legal action=bad thing (there you go reading minds again, you make any money doing this? got a crystal ball or sumfin do ya?)
    wearing Camo (clothes must make the man in your mind) and carrying an assault styled weapon (OMG, you are one of those who don't know the definition of what an assault weapon really is) of in a public venue in light of all the active shooter situations that have taken place since Columbine=Bad Thing

    within his rights=yes
    permanent damage to public opinion of gun owners=VERY BAD THING
    Now look what you made me do, attack you on a public forum....

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    In my state Massachusetts if you are charged with any crime now , be it a misdemeanor or felony you loose your right to carry / F.I.D. Everything then they come to your house and take your guns & rifles. Even if you are found not guilty it doesn't matter they still take them. I'm not sure about Tenn. but it sounds to me as if that cop was trying to do the same to you. Why do they spend so much time harassing the good people the responsible citizen is beyond me. Perhaps it is because they know 99% "no make that 90%" naaa more like 85%... of us won't shoot them when they take our guns. Unlike an outlaw, who just doesn't give a rats tail who or what he shoots Believe me when I tell ya I have seem more than one uncoordinated cop that should not even be near a handgun let alone pack one everyday. One example off the top of my head was that woman who almost blew the corvette drivers head off. The guy that they had on the ground on You Tube.& the lady cop got all excited and shot the ground with her Desert Eagle 2" away from this poor guys head . Even the other cop that was cuffing the guy looked at her like WTF are you doing lady? Then I watched very closely as she holstered the "NOW CONSIDERED TO ME AS A WEAPON" loaded with no safety on. (I must admit tho I laughed my azz off when I saw that video) Why was her finger even on the trigger to begin with . Thats what scares the crap out of me. My 7 year old Niece knows better than that lady cop. Out of the blue I just asked her in the other room "Brooke on my 1911 when should I pull the trigger?... She says " Uncle Rick !! You never pull the trigger you squeeze the trigger and you NEVER put your finger on the trigger until your 100% ready to shoot'" She recited that to me as she was playing with her Barbies LOL My brother said .." Thats my girl" So now when they train a gun on you like they did here to kwikrnu who I'd bet has a life time of more experience with a gun than the cop who pointed a gun at him did WTF I might say Dont point that at me or I'm gonna point mine at you!!I just don't trust theses cops enough to point a gun at me period... In my eyes they took a very calm uneventful situation and turned it into a potential deadly situation and why Because a free law biding citizen "Who has every right to carry a gun chose to do so"? BS we do not deserve this kind of treatment period. Now I'm getting pissed off again
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    OK, I am going to try to make this my last post on this thread...... (no promises)

    This guy has ticked A LOT of people off by his tactics, the way he did things in this situation. They think he somehow damaged all their hard work on getting the public opinions and laws changed for the better. He may very well have done some damage, I really dont know, BUT NEITHER DO ANY OF YOU. All we have is opinion, not proof.

    At least he is doing something..... how many here write their congressman every time they should? (I sure dont) How many here educate people they meet about firearms? (very few examples myself)

    How many have the balls to open carry anything at all? (I do open carry about 50% of the time, and I carry 100% of the time, 24/7/365)

    What this man did was not very smart in almost all of our opinions, even mine.

    BUT.... we ALL need to support his Constitutional right to do so or we are no better than any liberal trying to get guns outlawed.

    He did NOT infringe on anyone else's rights in the least little bit, period, end of story.

    We gunowners, as a group, must fight for ALL Constitutional rights, not just the 2nd Amendment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
    Of course you were right and you got your Romanian Pistol back. But you had to spend 2 1/2 hours proving your point. Sounds to me like a bit of a grandstand play. You know as well as I do that if you start walking on a public trail with an AK47 Pistol you'r probably going to get stopped. I have several of those look-alike pistols and I take them to my gun club and have a blast. You sir seem to have no common sense and wasted the time of several LEOS who were trying to look out for the communities they served.So you made your point. Aren't you proud of yourself?
    Protecting their communities out in the woods?Nra u2 .. When the poop hits the fan here on USA soil "and it will"You might be happy there are the likes of kwikrnu or myself walking around with a fighting chance of survival under their coat. Because from the B.S. I see on TV everyday and hear from a couple of my buddies that are Navy Seal's, There will be attacks on our soil. Something that has not happened in 100's of years In fact I don't think a foreign country has ever set foot on out soil in a time of war. Yet from what I hear it is going to happen and when it does I'm gonna be ready bottom line & with or with out my permit that's a promise. I very much so intend to keep my LTC but ya never know what can happen day to day right
    Happy New Year and remember
    " Don't shoot till you see the black's of their turbans"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axeanda45 View Post

    How many have the balls to open carry anything at all? (I do open carry about 50% of the time, and I carry 100% of the time, 24/7/365)
    I know you said it would be your last post.. But now inquiring minds want to know..
    What kind of holsters do you use while you are in bed sleeping, and in the shower???

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    ummmm, tired and wet ones?

    thats what I get for not proofing before posting

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    I couldn't watch the video at work yesterday because of the firewall.

    I just watched it now.

    You guys in Tennessee ARE SCREWED!!!!!!!!

    I'll make bets on them changing, or repealing that law now.
    A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.

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