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Thread: Open carry incident in Nashville gets me detained 2.5 hour at gun point carried AK-47

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussP View Post
    Just information.

    Which do you disagree with?
    Just a quick glance through (the discussion seems to have deteriorated to personalities), I didn't see any (from Axeanda45) . I have to admit that I haven't read every word.

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    Kwik had an agenda. He chose to carry a gun guaranteed to make a statement and instigate a confrontation. Most cops are not gun experts and have no idea that there are such things AK-47 or AR pistols In some states that is called brandishing and will lose your permit faster than a cop on a donut.

    Just because you carry a gun does not mean that you can walk down every dark alley you pass. A little common sense goes a long way.

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    I would not have painted the tip orange. I hope that the Police would also learn something here.

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    A bit of grandstanding, just to see what he could get by with is what I see here. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's right.... abortion, being a democrat/liberal, etc. ;-) Some common sense comes in play here. It's legal to open carry in Idaho, where I live, yet I've never seen anyone actually do it. I wouldn't open carry without a conceal permit, just to save any hassles. Open yourself up for a problem, you're gonna get it, whether you're doing anything illegal or not. Common sense, man, common sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwikrnu View Post
    I went to the Tennessee State Radnor Lake State Park 12/20/2009 to take in some nature and get some exercise. I dressed in boots, blue jeans, t-shirt, vest, and an old military issue gore-tex woodland camo jacket. I carried my new Romanian Draco AK pistol loaded with 31 123 grain FMJ ammunition from Walmart. I arrived at approximately 3:30 pm and with the pistol slung on my back I started my walk. It was mostly uneventful. I saw no deer and passed maybe 30 hikers. As I reached the end of the trail I made sure no one was close by and shifted the ak-47 pistol to the front of my body. I reached the end of the trail and turned onto the roadway where I saw the first ranger of the day. He asked me if it was an airsoft and I said no it was an AK-47 type pistol. He looked at me strangely and asked to see my permit. I showed my Tennessee handgun carry permit. He asked where I parked and I told him. He said I could keep walking I kept walking as he called someone. By the time I reached my car the ranger was no where in sight as I walk quickly. However, another ranger vehicle pulled in the parking lot and a ranger jumped out with a shotgun pointed at me and yelled at me to stay still and put the weapon on the ground. After I put the weapon down he told me to move away which I did. He then told me to put my face on the ground and my arms on my head. I complied. I think he had a gun trained on me the whole time, but I couldnít see. He searched me quickly and put my AK into the truck. This particular ranger has seen me before and has asked to see my TN handgun carry permit. He asked to see the permit again and asked for my driver license. I told him I would not give him my license, but he could see the permit.

    Three Nashville metro cop cars showed up pretty quickly. They talked among themselves for about an hour and then a cop pulled out a citation for arrest. It said I was being arrested for 39-17-1311 unlawful possession of a weapon. He asked me to sign and I told him I wanted to speak with his supervisor. He said okay, but that it would take a long time and he just wanted to cite and release me for my convenience (yeah right). I asked what part of 39-17-1311 I violated he said I couldnít carry a rifle. I told him my firearm was classified as a pistol. It has no stock and never had a stock. I also pointed out that it has an 11.5Ē barrel with complies with the length of a handgun definition in Tennessee. He said it looks like I had cut the stock off and another said they had never heard of a 7.62x39 handgun. It took about another Ĺ hour for the sergeant to show up. In the meantime one of the original cops left, another park ranger came and left and two more cops showed up. The sergeant showed and I tried to explain that the firearm was a handgun. I also told him if they were going to arrest me to just take me in front of the magistrate right away. They spent another Ĺ hour asking me if I had a form 1, that the ATF classifies my pistol as a rifle, and they had never seen an AK pistol before. Finally they told me they had gotten in touch with the manufacturer and the manufacturer said it indeed was a pistol. I highly doubt that, but that is what they told me. They released the handcuffs, and gave me back my magazine, ammo, and pistol.

    I think they handled it as well as could be expected. I felt the cop who was trying to charge me with a violation of 39-17-1311 had no basis for the charge.

    Radnor Lake rules

    Tennessee State Code

    Picture of park sign

    Even though park sign says no firearms carry permit holders may carry due to a law which was passed this summer. The law stated that the parks didnít have to change the signs.

    I carried a Romanian draco ak-47 pistol I purchased new from classic arms in NC and which was transferred to be by a FFL in Nashville on 12/16/2009. I carried it on an urban ert two point sling using the rear grip screw as the second attachment point.

    Transcipt 12-20-2009
    Here is a link to download
    Approximately 4:00pm
    This is an audio recording of the first ranger I met. He was approximately 50 yards west of the lake trail exit point. He ended his conversation with another man as I approached.
    28:40 is when the audio begins with the ranger (R).
    Me: Itís a chilly one today.
    R: Hey, bud.
    Me: Yeah?
    R: Airsoft?
    Me: No, itís a handgun. You can touch it.
    R: Why do you have that? Do you have a permit?
    Me: Here you go. (I showed him my valid Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit)
    R: Why do you have that?
    Me: Because itís legal to carry in the park.
    R: Technically thatís not a handgun.
    Me: Yeah it is.
    R: No itís not.
    Me: Yeah it is.
    R: No.
    Me: Uh huh, I guarantee it. Itís a handgun. Itís never had a butt stockattached and and itís 11.5Ē long.
    R: Which side are you parked in?
    Me: Uh, the one down the road. (pointing)
    R: Okay, I mean technicaly itís legal, but I donít see why you need that out here.
    Me: I was told by another ranger you had a lot of poachers and stuff out here.
    R: No.
    Me: Really?
    R: Hold on a second. Let me check this. Iím pretty sure an AK47 is not a handgun
    Me: Howís it going? (I spoke to a man passing by who was looking at us)
    Man: Thatís not real is it?
    Me: Yeah, AK47, 7.62x39, 31 rounds.
    Me: Iím going to record you. Iím recording right now.
    Me: Which side of the road are we supposed to walk on over here anyway? This side right? Bikes on that side right? As long as they donít run you over.
    Me: I knew I would run into a ranger one of these times.
    R: Well, the orange threw me off.
    Me: Yeah, itís a custom orange color paint job.
    R: Makes phone call.
    Me: Well, itís a handgun. Are you checking on me or do you want me to keep on going?
    R: keep going.
    Me: You guys can meet me at the end if you have any questions. Iím in a little black Honda Civic.
    I live in Ohio 6 months of the year. We have open and concealed carry. I carry all the time. I am very pro Second Amendment. In fact I am an NRA pistol instructor and teach the Ohio CHL calss

    In the summer I work out in Yellowstone NP and I hike all over the place. I carry when I hike outside the park. This year, because of the law changes, I will be carrying inside the park.

    I carry and no one knows it. I pack a full sized 1911 and no one knows it. NO ONE KNOWS IT! NO ONE KNOWS IT!

    I'm sorry, but, if you are carrying an exposed AK47 lookalike when you are hiking, you are just trying to force a confrontation. You set out to be confrontational and you got what you wanted. You wanted to be the center of attention and shock people. Actions like this hurt us more than the Brady Anti Gun Freaks do. It makes us all look like lunatics. Every time this happens people start donating to the Brady Bunch and I have to write more checks to the NRA to counter it. I always use examples like this to convince my students to not act like this. Please stop it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwikrnu View Post
    I was banned from a few forums because I painted the muzzle nut of the handgun orange and posted pictures of it. So, I don't mention it or post pics. It isn't illegal.
    Are you for or against the second Amendment. If you support the Second Amendment you shouldn't be advocating infringing on my right to keep and bear arms.
    No, it isn't illegal, it is just mind numblingly stupid and irresponsible. A cop would assume you are a scum bag because he/she would have to assume you did it to trick a cop into thinking it was a toy gun so you get the drop on them.

    This is all a game to you. To them it's life or death. You are an embarrassment to us all.

    People like you are the best friends the anti gun freaks have.

    Also, if a cop had shot him under conditions that could have been questionable, that orange tip would have pushed the jury to the cops corner.

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    The last time we had someone open carry a what looked like a rifle, he got in a confronation with a citizen and a shootout with the local cops and state patrol.He lost very quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
    The last time we had someone open carry a what looked like a rifle, he got in a confronation with a citizen and a shootout with the local cops and state patrol.He lost very quickly.
    Seems unlikely. What state and county did it happen in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
    The last time we had someone open carry a what looked like a rifle, he got in a confrontation with a citizen and a shootout with the local cops and state patrol.He lost very quickly.
    WOW! Way to leave out all the major details and any references.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
    The last time we had someone open carry a what looked like a rifle, he got in a confronation with a citizen and a shootout with the local cops and state patrol.He lost very quickly.
    Sounds like a case of a "trigger happy" citizen and some very incompetent LEO. Did this happen in "Mayberry" by any chance, and was "Deputy Barney Fife" the first LEO to arrive on scene?

    I'm sure many of us would appreciate if you could provide more details of this incident, if indeed it happened somewhere in the U.S.

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