New LEO Situation in SC
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Thread: New LEO Situation in SC

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    New LEO Situation in SC

    Reported in Charleston Post and Courier yesterday that an LEO spotted a speeding car and flashed blue to pull over. Instead the car sped up and actually spent some time in the middle turn lane bringing up dirt and debris as it sped out from the LEO. Jurisdictional change caused a new LEO to take up chase but apparently the car pulled over and stopped, but the new LEO was unaware of the fact and did not see the car. Eventually the LEO met up with the car, who was a woman, who was cursing and loudmouthing and trying to resist any discussion to the point where the LEO found it necessary to put woman on ground and handcuff her. As it turned out, the woman is a deputy sheriff and her husband is a lieutenant in the sheriff's office. She was not jailed and, as the major in the sheriff's office said, "her not being jailed had nothing to do with her husband's high position" and "it would not have served any purpose in having her put in jail". I am paraphrasing the comments and loosely interpreting the exact situation but, in general, what I have said is basically the story. I wrote to the paper and told them how relieved I am that I can now run from the law and still go home afterwards. Whadayathink? Personally, IMO, the deputy certainly should be looking for a new job and an attorney,and the major should be reprimanded for stupid quotes and maybe he should look for a new job.

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    What do I think? BS of the highest order. You can bet your ass that you or I would have been tossed in the hoosegow, no doubt about it. Once again, we see that what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander, as far as the "little people" are concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    ... reported in Charleston Post and Courier yesterday.
    Hey Kel, I'd like to read the story... can you provide a link? I did a search for it, but found nothing. Thanks if you can! :)
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    Unless some type of special operation or investigation was the reason for the incident, "Inferno Repairs" (aka Internal Affairs) should conduct a formal investigation, and appropriate parties need to be disciplined.

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    The end of the article states, "They were immediately notified," Garrison said. "We didn't try to hide or cover up anything on this one." Makes you wonder if and/or what they have covered up in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    The end of the article states, "They were immediately notified," Garrison said. "We didn't try to hide or cover up anything on this one." Makes you wonder if and/or what they have covered up in the past.
    Good point! Bet they wish they could re-phrase that.

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    Ah, the thin blue line.

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    What happened to leading by example? Oh, sorry that doesnt apply. Really just ticks me off !!
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    There is no two ways about it. She got special treatment because she and her hubby are LEO. Real good public relations.
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