I drive all the time. I service medical equipment and I cover the better part of 6 states. I sometimes get to meet more police officers than I care to. I have never had a problem.

In Ohio a Trooper pulled me over at night for speeding. I gave my license and Ohio CHL, told him where my firearm was and he gave me a warning for speeding.

In Montana I did the same thing and the Trooper laughed. He said, "I'd be more worried about you if you WEREN'T packing."

I've been pulled over in several sates and never had any negative experience. Now, I do not drive through Illinois or Wisconsin under any circumstances and I avoid the New England like the plague, but here in the west and Midwest I never have an issue.

As for fishing expeditions, as long as the officer is courteous and reasonable I am OK with dragnetting for drunks drivers. They a kill more people than armed felons.