Trajedy Averted at Fort Drum (NJ) by Quick Chek Employee
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Thread: Trajedy Averted at Fort Drum (NJ) by Quick Chek Employee

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    Exclamation Trajedy Averted at Fort Drum (NJ) by Quick Chek Employee

    Thanks to this employee calling in a "suspicious person" a trajedy has been averted at Fort Drum.

    "Extremely nervous" customer arrested with loaded assault rifle, 4 magazines of ammunition

    Quick Thinking at Quick Chek

    AP news Report

    He had a middle eastern head scarf as well

    Fox News Report

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    Wow, I missed that. I have had the TV off. Glad nobody was hurt.
    Semper Fi

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    Another Islamic extremest at a military base. What a surprise.
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  5. I am suprised they still have him in jail. New Jersey has a real phobia about guns. I thought having a pistol was enough to make you "disapear"!

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    I missed that also! Thanks for posting it.
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