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Thread: The REAL Deal! WARNING: VERY Graphic! Let it burn in and learn from it!

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    I would have engaged the instant I saw that barrel come out of the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wolf View Post
    never ever shoot to kill

    ONLY shoot to stop the threat, keep firing until the threat is gone.
    Never ever shoot to kill? If God forbid, I am forced to have to will be to kill! That is no game!
    An ARMED individual is a CITIZEN! ...An UNARMED individual is a SUBJECT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by American ME! View Post
    Never ever shoot to kill? If God forbid, I am forced to have to will be to kill! That is no game!
    The Wolf was half serious, half joking I think.
    I'm pretty sure his point was that it probably wouldn't be wise to admit you were shooting to kill after the fact.

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    The whole thing with "Shoot to kill", or "Shoot to stop the threat", is it becomes nothing more than a word game. If you got some 300 pound monster all jacked up on God knows what, in reality you are going to have to kill him to stop him. You can bet words to that effect were used in defense of the cops involved in the Scott shooting. "We were informed he was armed and on drugs. God knows what damage he was prepared to do!" Bill T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    . . . a LEO . . has every right to shoot him because the intent was there...unlike us civies who has to wait until deadly force is coming right in front of us because we cannot shoot at the sides nor at the back of a BG even if we know he is a BG.
    Holy mackerel! Where do you live anyway??!!

    Ever hear of the term "clear and present danger"?

    In my home state of Washington, I am allowed to use deadly force if the life, health, safety, security, or property of me or a bystander is being threatened.

    In any event - and in any locale, I certainly would defend myself and those around me with any means necessary and any means available, regardless of what the "law" may suggest.

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    Wow... That is do sad but instructive...
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  8. Sorry if it was posted earlier, didn't read all the pages in the post but according to some LEOs on GlockTalk this officer had be berated abit by his superiors after some complaints from people he had stopped before about his not nice attitude/authoritative attitude or something like that not long before the shooting. Not saying he was like that or anything but it might explain his hesitation especially at the beginning of the incident. IIRC 7 officers quit soon after which makes me think maybe there was something to the superiors part [ pissed off ]. I wonder what caliber/load the officer had.If only it could have cause enough temp. trauma to drop him. Hopefully the state will kill the son of a *****.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by CCW Instructor View Post
    Plus he displayed extremely poor marksmanship given the number of shots he fired.
    Have you ever been shot once let alone EIGHT times [ I didn't count the last contact shot to the officers eye .
    ] and returned accurate fire ? I have after taking one wound . It AIN"T EASY !

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    more info

    I talked to a cop that is a friend of mine just after seeing this video. He said he had seen it before, they used it in their academy training. I thought that was great, at least maybe some good can come from this man's untimely death. He also told me that the department that the deceased worked for was having some trouble with lawsuits for excessive force, and that was most likely on this young man's mind as he was a rookie.

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    Most Police officers just aren't cut out for actual armed confrontation.

    Some are trigger happy, but most have never seen a two way gun fight.

    Stop yelling and shoot !!! The first bullet alway's wins.

    I never asked Haji to put down his gun.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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