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    by law, if your rights are violated you have the right to face your accuser and know the nature of any charges(s) against you.
    In my books 'conflict' is not a CHARGE.........if so, where is it in the law books or state statutes.............???????
    power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts.......absolutely

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    It is kind of hard to hide the fact you have a CCW permit here in West Virginia,they publish your name in the NEWSPAPER!Yes I think this is wrong,I think the NRA and other groups need to get involved to get this changed.I have called my state reps. to no avail,nobody cares about the PRIVACY rights of law-abiding citizens,not to mention the ease of criminals to just look in the paper to find their next burgurly(sp) victim,if they have the guts!OK,I have vented enough,please somebody help us get our laws changed here.

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