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Thread: Was Pulled Over For Speeding

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    Goodnight...I am glad you are OK now...and you did not get a ticket.

    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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    All that for haveing a weapon in the door pocket ? he definatly would have hauled me off

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    Glad you are ok. It is definitely a frightening experience.

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    Well, one positive thing is that even with all the hoopla, the practice probably saved you a traffic ticket, DL points, and higher insurance.

    Maybe if you carried it there all the time you could speed anytime you wanted
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    Quote Originally Posted by RugerP345 View Post
    Well, one positive thing is that even with all the hoopla, the practice probably saved you a traffic ticket, DL points, and higher insurance.

    Maybe if you carried it there all the time you could speed anytime you wanted
    LOL. I can see it now: "License and registration, sir, I clocked you going 15 mph over the posted limit...Holy Sh#t! Is that a GUN?! Out of the car, now! Assume the position! What's this, ANOTHER gun??!! Boy, I'm gonna have your a$$!....Oh, what's that, Sarge? They are? He does? Okay, buddy, never mind. Hit the road. Better not let me see those guns next time, you hear? Now, get out of my sight."

    This could work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retired Grunt View Post
    IMO you were in the wrong and the officer initially acted correctly. The officer should have listened to you after you were restrained and it should not have taken 65 minutes. Hope they forgot the ticket

    This does serve as a reminder for all to not become complacent with regards to how we carry and the laws.
    Just using your post to point something out. Know the laws in the state you travel. As you stated>>>> Concealed carry permit means "concealed" .
    Sounds simple enough, right? In Pennsylvania you can OC without any permit.
    So there you are with your weapon in plain sight tucked in your sweetest shark skin holster. So far so good. Now you decide to get into your car to find that place that makes your favorite "Funnel cakes".
    Think there's no rpoblem with that? You better have a CCP! In Pa. once you get into your car with that shark skin holster and your $2600 Ed Brown Cobra Carry, that weapon is now considered "concealed". Just something to think about.
    Sure would be nice if the 2a was the permit to carry and all state laws were more uniform.
    Again, just my $.02. What do I know?!?!?

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    As you all have stated. I was completely in the wrong I know better than to put my weapon there had an brain fart moment that nearly cost me severly. Im not upset at the Trooper he was only acting on his training and doing what he was suppose to do. But, After several times of me telling them I had my CCW Permit one of them should of stopped and, Listened. I think the most important thing was I remained calm and respectful I never raised my tone of Voice nor Did I dis-respect any of the Troopers Thanks to all of you for your support Im glad this happened because ,I became relaxed and, complaciance with Carrying my Weapon. This was an Excellent wake up call for me. I Must always remember not only too carry my weapon Properly but most, important use my BRAIN...................
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    The door pocket is not the best place to have your firearm in the event of an attempted car-jacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    The door pocket is not the best place to have your firearm in the event of an attempted car-jacking.
    It might be if you are left handed. I keep my gun usually in a bag on my right side between my seat and my homemade console. It is available to me. It would not be available to someone who jumped in from the opposite side or who opened my door (a weakness of the door pocket). But then we all should lock our doors as soon a we get into the car.

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  11. Quote Originally Posted by trophyhunter View Post
    Well, My First Encounter after 10 Years of Carrying. On Friday Feb 05,2010 I was Traveling On New York State Thruway at 2:30 PM I was Traveling about 65MPH Keeping up with traffic All of a sudden the truck in front of me hit his brakes which forced me to change lanes as I proceeded to change I speeded up and, there he was NEW York State Trooper. Well The Lights went on. I proceeded to move over to shoulder and stop. After 3 minutes the Trooper got out of his car and, walked up to me. I had to yell through my window because my power windows were not working so I told him I had to open my door. Forgetting my weapon was in the door console. well, As Soon as I open the door and he spotted my Ruger P345 before I had the chance to say anything His weapon was fixed on me. advising me not to move. I at this time told him that I was An legally permit holder. That Didnt matter. As he kept his weapon on me he retrieved my weapon while calling for back up I complyed with everyone of his commands. after about 3-4 Minutes three other Units showed up sorrounding my truck. They pulled me out of my truck and cuffed me. the whole time I was advising them That I had My Concealed Pistol permit and, it was in my wallet they never listened to me after frisking me and finding my wallet the one trooper said hey he has an Concealed weapons permit. Then He said to me WHY didnt you tell the Trooper I replied I did Several Times.Finally the Supervisor showed up ordered Trooper to uncuff me and aplojize to me. Needless to say The whole time I was scared out of my boots. Never had 4 weapons Pointed directly at me in my life and found the whole situation scary. granted I will take some of the blame for keeping my weapon in the door councel But the trooper had tunnel vision and didnt listen to an word I said about my permit. the whole process took about 65 minutes from time I was Pulled over until I was Released The whole situation could of been avoided if the trooper would of just listened to me After all was said and done and, I was driving home I broke down and shed a tear thinking how close I just came to beiing shot. It took about 6 hours for me to calm down Failure to communicate was the main problem. The trooper refused to hear or listen to me Im just thankful my children were not with me I can only Imagine what would have been going through thier minds the trooper did apolojize to me and said next time to advise them I was Carrying I couldnt help myself I told him I DID You just refused to listen and I proceeded to tell him next time he needed to Listen. he said we dont have time to listen only react well thats my story hope it helps all of you somehow in some way thanks
    The trooper apologized no summons for exceeding the posted speed.I find this a little odd since you were detained this long.The reason I say this is because there was sufficient evidence to make a lawful arrest for menacing.I would think a case report was taken with a copy being sent to the pistol license for review of revoking your permit to carry.If you have a permit issued from lets say Erie I bet the NYSP are going to follow up on the status of your permit.Remember you must carry concealed.That weapon was in a bad place.Easy for someone to spot it when you open your door.I suggest praying to god for saving your life.I feel there's more to this story because it wouldn't go down that way.

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