Was Pulled Over For Speeding
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Thread: Was Pulled Over For Speeding

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    Was Pulled Over For Speeding

    Well, My First Encounter after 10 Years of Carrying. On Friday Feb 05,2010 I was Traveling On New York State Thruway at 2:30 PM I was Traveling about 65MPH Keeping up with traffic All of a sudden the truck in front of me hit his brakes which forced me to change lanes as I proceeded to change I speeded up and, there he was NEW York State Trooper. Well The Lights went on. I proceeded to move over to shoulder and stop. After 3 minutes the Trooper got out of his car and, walked up to me. I had to yell through my window because my power windows were not working so I told him I had to open my door. Forgetting my weapon was in the door console. well, As Soon as I open the door and he spotted my Ruger P345 before I had the chance to say anything His weapon was fixed on me. advising me not to move. I at this time told him that I was An legally permit holder. That Didnt matter. As he kept his weapon on me he retrieved my weapon while calling for back up I complyed with everyone of his commands. after about 3-4 Minutes three other Units showed up sorrounding my truck. They pulled me out of my truck and cuffed me. the whole time I was advising them That I had My Concealed Pistol permit and, it was in my wallet they never listened to me after frisking me and finding my wallet the one trooper said hey he has an Concealed weapons permit. Then He said to me WHY didnt you tell the Trooper I replied I did Several Times.Finally the Supervisor showed up ordered Trooper to uncuff me and aplojize to me. Needless to say The whole time I was scared out of my boots. Never had 4 weapons Pointed directly at me in my life and found the whole situation scary. granted I will take some of the blame for keeping my weapon in the door councel But the trooper had tunnel vision and didnt listen to an word I said about my permit. the whole process took about 65 minutes from time I was Pulled over until I was Released The whole situation could of been avoided if the trooper would of just listened to me After all was said and done and, I was driving home I broke down and shed a tear thinking how close I just came to beiing shot. It took about 6 hours for me to calm down Failure to communicate was the main problem. The trooper refused to hear or listen to me Im just thankful my children were not with me I can only Imagine what would have been going through thier minds the trooper did apolojize to me and said next time to advise them I was Carrying I couldnt help myself I told him I DID You just refused to listen and I proceeded to tell him next time he needed to Listen. he said we dont have time to listen only react well thats my story hope it helps all of you somehow in some way thanks

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    I'm glad that a scary situation worked out well for you. By the way, in my state (SC) you can carry a weapon on your person if you're a CWP holder or you can carry it in a closed glove box, center console or trunk of the car. Carrying in the door console or under the seat would be big no-nos and so would opening up your glove box or center console to retrieve your license or registration while keeping a handgun in that location.

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    You missed one point..
    Did you get the speeding ticket, OR, after their mis-adventure at your expense, did they forget to give you the ticket, or felt that they had done enough to you for one day?

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    Concealed carry permit means "concealed" IMO you were in the wrong and the officer initially acted correctly. The officer should have listened to you after you were restrained and it should not have taken 65 minutes. Hope they forgot the ticket

    This does serve as a reminder for all to not become complacent with regards to how we carry and the laws.

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    I am not surprised by the trooper's initial reaction. I would have drawn my weapon too. So far in this young new year, there have been 20 "line of duty" deaths in the law enforcement field. Seven of those officers have been killed by gunfire. The NYSP just lost a trooper a couple of weeks ago to an auto accident. They lost two troopers in 2006 to gunfire. One of those cases prompted the NYSP to switch to the larger .45 GAP cartridge. Reference;

    Trooper Andrew J. (AJ) Sperr, New York State Police

    Anyway, cops everywhere are on edge these days due to this latest surge in officer shootings. It doesn't excuse the trooper for "selective hearing loss" in the way he treated you though. I'm sure it was a traumatizing experience for you.

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    Glad you came out of it in one piece. My first suggestion to you would be FIX THE POWER WINDOW! My next suggestion would be to find a more appropriate place for your firearm. Unless you're a lefty, it's mighty hard to draw from the driver's door, being that you'll have to reach clear across your body.

    As the previous posters have asked, "did you get a ticket?'' Enquiring minds want to know.

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    Sorry, but the way you were carrying it, in my experience, I would have done the same as him. First he assures he is safe, then he listens to you. Concealed means concealed. In Ohio, it is a crime to even put your hand near the gun during a stop, and a door pocket is not a legal place to put a loaded gun.. Do you understand how many Bulls... excuses an officer hears in the course of a day that are not true? I would have no intention of getting killed by an excuse. Please reconsider how you carry your gun. If you get in a wreck and it's not on you, where is that gun going to end up? If you have to bail from the car for an emergency, where is your protection? If your firearm is going to be an inconvenience to carry, leave it at home for your sake. You are likely a very honest person and from your point of view this was all uncalled for. However, an officer generally deals with many Dishonest persons in the course of a day, and we all want to go home to our kids at the end of a shift.
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    I carry a gun in a bag (with the top open) between my seat and my (homemade) console. I may or may not have another gun on my person. I have to wonder at the thought process of an officer who sees a gun that's not in the hand or really that close to the hand of the person and has hysterics. If it's close to the guy's hand OK but in the door with the door open?

    Personally I think the Officer (and his buddies) needs a lot more training.

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    I'm thinking that the door console would not have been my first choice of "carry". From a tactical/defensive standpoint, I could think of better places and you should have known this had the potential to raise a ruckus with some LEO (as it did). Gotta be thinking about such things if you want to fly under the radar.

    Other than that, I'm betting this LEO would have had a cow no matter where you might have spotted the weapon. And the process and time taken to resolve the whole thing seems way out of line.

    Now, then...DID YOU GET A TICKET??

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    I agree with all of you. Im an Lefty Why I put it there I dont know Usaually its always at my 9 o'clock but sometimes with the seat belt It gets caught up. I know it was my fault and, will never make that mistake again. It ended up being an fuse on my windows which is fixed now and, I did not receive an speeding ticket. Goes to show you one dumb move can create all kind of misfortune. Thanks to all of you for the sound advice. Thats why I enjoy posting here because everyone is honest but most Important willing to offer suggestions and help other members. Plus I want my stupid mistake to be lesson for someone else. thanks again guys have good night.

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