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    My first MWAG call

    While I have had a few conversations with police officers while CC'ing or in a traffic stop, I had my first Man With a Gun incident a couple of days ago. It's a joke in our little group of gun-nuts that cops just don't notice me. It's also a joe that another one of our guys is a "cop magnet". I happened to be sitting with him having a cup of coffee the other day....

    Another guy and I met up this morning at Tully's Coffeehouse over in the Marketplace Shopping Center in Nampa. No real agenda, just drink some coffee and plan out what we want to think about for the next meeting of our pro-carry group and any summer activity possibilities in a general sort of way.

    When I arrived (about 9:35AM) I noticed 2 police officers out front but they had apparently just tanked up on coffee and scones or whatever and were heading out for their shift. One even passed me and we exchanged "Good Mornings" as he went to his car and didn't notice my OC condition (short, bomber-style jacket was swept back behind the gun's grip).

    So, I go inside and took the jacket off, unpacked my PC and order a coffee, moving to a better table when one opened up a few moments later. My biddy arrives about 10:00 or so. We were fine for about 2 hours when another officer (Nampa PD) arrives at the door, sweeps the room with a look which made me think, "I wonder...?" but then headed for the coffee counter. Maybe I was wrong and this is where Nampa cops routinely top off their tanks? A few minutes later though another cop pulls up, here we go.

    The first cop comes up to our table and says something like, "Excuse me, you guys doing okay? I reply to the effect of "Yep, we're fine officer." He says, "Well we got a call and I was wondering if anything was going on?" Me again: "No Sir, just sitting drinking coffee and talking." The officer then asked, "Do you have concealed carry permits?" I replied, "I do." (Note: My apology to my firend because I did add something to the effect that he didn't have one and wasn't CC'ing.) I pulled out my DL and handed it to him, followed a couple of minutes later with my permt. My friend declined to provide ID but gave the officer his name and DL#, all of which were duly called in and responded to with an all-clear for warrants and records.

    We chatted about OC being legal in Idaho but that people calling in that there were men with guns at the location required a response and that they were probably just unaware that Idaho law allows this. He and the second officer seemed calm and at ease, just solid police officers doing their jobs. Athough there is no clear understanding of how they would have responded to a call of Men With A Bible at the same location.

    We asked the two counter staff about it after he left and they said yes 3-4 customers told them there were men with guns sitting there. They were unsure who called it in and neither took credit for making a/the call.

    So, Tully's did not refuse service or indicate we were not welcome. We finished our coffees and left about an hour or so later.

    The Nampa Police responded well (IMO), were polite and not openly seeking to escalate confrontation of any type. I am not one of those who gets all upset about providing ID when asked respectfully and believe it is reasonable for the officer to feel unthreatened by the situation. They knew the law and you being calm will calm them considerably.

    The 911 dispatchers logged another MWAG call which proved to be legal and a non-event.

    The customers saw other customers who were armed, amiably chatting with police officers, no arrests and no bloodbath resulted.

    Educational for all concerned, IMO.

    So, I favor getting out more. Dispatchers need to become used to these calls and learn to screen them better. They will do that after the 2000th (or whatever the magic number is) call and the police get them to understand how to better define to citizens the difference between normal people legally carrying guns and those who are a potential danger to the community. When all parties (customers, carriers, business owners, police and dispatchers) become more used to lawful carry situations, the fear will drop, police will get on with crime prevention/solution and the attendant tensions will drain off.
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    Glad it went down smoothly. It will take some time, but I'm sure that eventually, citizens will realize that a MWAG isn't necessarily a threat to society.

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  4. Thanks for the positive report. It's always nice to hear good news mixed in with all of the bad that we get from TV and such. While I don't normally open carry except on my property, I also don't take extreme pains to maintain concealment out in public. If my jacket flaps open or my firearm juts out under my shirt while reaching for something on a lower shelf at the grocery store, so be it. I believe the public is slowly becoming more educated to the fact that there are millions of law abiding people in this country who are regularly armed. It's unfortunate that the media sensationalizes the fact as a negative. Kudos to your local police force also, for being well informed, solid public servants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecocks View Post
    We were fine for about 2 hours when another officer (Nampa PD) arrives at the door, sweeps the room with a look which made me think, "I wonder...?" but then headed for the coffee counter...
    ...received his coffee and then left.

    Is how ya should have completed that story.

    When he scanned the room and didnt see problems his job was done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    ...received his coffee and then left.

    Is how ya should have completed that story.

    When he scanned the room and didnt see problems his job was done.
    Actually, on a call of MWAG, they have to make sure there are no problems with the MWAG. Since the cops didn't push the issue, play the whole dominance game, cuff them, etc., they did their jobs the way it should be done.

    Personally, I wouldn't have given up my ID (my state doesn't require me to ID myself to a cop on contact), but that's a matter of personal preference.

    All in all, good encounter - and good to hear!

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    Hey ecock. Small world. I graduated from Nampa High back when it was the only HS in town. I had numerous encounters with Nampa PD for a gas pedal that was always out of calibration. They were always calm, cool, and professional. A good buddy of mine is a Sergeant in Nampa. Maybe he responded to the call.

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    My encounter went a little differently, but the LEOs were good.

    I went into a WalMart CCing. As I walked in the door, my holster had a problem (two stitches; just two stitches; let go). Out comes my S+W J-frame, hammerless, .357, rattling on the floor. I quickly pick it up and shove it in a pocket. BTW it was a very rainy day, so I had a jacket with a hood on it. I saw the lady at the door immediately pick up her walkie-talkie.

    So we went in and looked for what we were there for. We noticed we were being followed through the store. At one point, my wife went up to one of the followers and asked him how to find some item. On the way out, my wife headed to the bathroom and I go out to start the car. I saw the lady get on the horn again.

    Once outside the door I see two large, local cops waiting for me. Up against the wall and cuffed, I said, "the permit is in my wallet; back left pocket. He replied, "any other weapons on you?" Me: "Yup, pocket knife front left."

    They take me, still buckled up, to the back seat of a cruiser. They keep assuring me, however, that when they call in my permit number and get a positive response all will be well. They say several times, "We know that you are within your rights."

    Meanwhile, my wife comes out of the store looking for me. Seeing a cruiser, but not me, it didn't take long for her to figure out what was going on. She asked one of the officers to get our car keys so she could sit in the car and warm up while she waited. He was happy to comply.

    After a while they found my permit to be good, but they were still checking on wants and warrants. I asked them to take the bracelets off and they did.

    When it was over. Two patrol cops and a sergeant gave me back the revolver and the ammo, unloaded. I said "you still have my knife." One cop said to another, "nice try." It was all friendly and the sergeant said, "please don't reload until you're far enough away not to hit us."

    All in all, since I was the one with the dopey move of dropping the weapon in the store, I thought it went well. I immediately went to cabelas (which was on my list for the day, anyway) and replaced the holster.
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    It is a risk we all take when we carry... falling victim to the uneducated. The best we can do is comply with LEO's and keep our cool. We're on the same team as the LEO's and probably any one of us would come to their assist if requested. Personally, I would never OC just because there are enough people that don't know it's legal and they would probably freak out.

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    I have had good experiences with Idaho LEO while carrying. I have been stopped a few times over the years and they never raise up..simply ask where the gun is located.

    One night, I woke to the sound of pounding on my front door at 0230. Armed, I went to answer the door. When I opened it, there was a sheriff's deputy trying to notify me my car door was open and the dome light was on. Much to my surprise, he didn't bat an eye when I asnwered the door, gun in hand. I know he saw it, because he looked down and back up at me. I know in some other gun unfriendly states, I would have been proned out in my bathrobe . Even after putting the gun down and going outside with him to check the car, he never mentioned the gun.

    I love gun friendly states

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    Honestly people shouldnt flip out when they see a MWAG walking around. If anything they should feel comfortable. I know its not well known that OC is legal in most states, but if the MWAG isnt pointing it at people or shooting anyone, it shouldnt be a reason to call the Police. Either way, good encounter with the LEOs
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