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Thread: When to tell a LEO you are packing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaxMentis View Post
    Many police agencies issue a replica of one's duty badge with the word "Retired" added upon retirement...a far different animal than a "CCW Badge". The badge and/or the ID that comes with it is actually sufficient without a CHL...but I choose to have the permit also.
    OK, I see it's kinda like those people who go to five star restaurants and try to get a better table from the host because, "they know the chef". Got news for ya, if you were on a first name basis with a five star chef, you would not be talking to the host.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaxMentis View Post
    The badge merely affords me a little extra courtesy from officers who do not know me.
    Or another way of looking at it is to compare your actions to those of a fourty-something alumnist who shows up at homecoming in his fraternity letter shirt hoping to bum a few beers off of the current student membership. Law enforcement is serious business, it's not Lambda Epsilon Omega fraternity. You're attitude an actions trivialize law enforcement agentcies to the level of the Fred Flintstone's Water Buffalo Lodge.

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    Cool Badges

    G50: Hey old son, lighten up on Pax Mentis. As a retired LEO he has gotten some perks that the rest of us do not have. His retired badge is something to be proud of and you would do the same thing if you had one. It seems more like you are jealous of him rather than making an observation about CCW badges. Let's not get personal about his good fortune. An entry should have some merit concerning the subject, not the writer.

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    Kindly note that even though you must notify an LEO when you are carrying that does not mean you run over to any LEO you see and inform or inform an LEO when you come into contact with him or her thru your personal travel around town. It is when the LEO is in the course of his duties that include you that you must inform.

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