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    If it were me, I'd call the FBI and give them the story. It covers you and creates a record (if not them than the state police/district attorney). Also the cameras are not a bad idea.

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    Read your story, and many of the replies that followed...hope your situation has resolved itself peacefully. As Lord Acton would say, "Power Corrupts."

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    Record them .... unless you live in Maryland. It's a violation of the federal wiretap laws (supposedly).

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    Trophy, your situation, going to be tough, anyway you go, recorder is a good idea, and you can call all the higher ups you want, but finding someone who is simpathetic, and will listen, may seem like mission impossable, the departments I.A.D may be your first stop, keep track of everything, if they wont let you record then write it down as soon as you can, after that if your state has a criminal investagative unit, go to them, then your state Aty General, you may be pissing in the wind with the FBI but call your local office and IF there not to busy to listen, you may get somewhere, but dont count on it, good luck

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    I do not know about your area of residence but where I live, the Chief of Police will follow thru 100% and listen to everything I had to say--there is no doubt that the video becomes indisputable. Tough call if you live in an area where this kind of "blue wall" exists. Have any neighbors also seen this behavior?---can't hurt to have corroboration.

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    Record even if its against the law. If they throw it in your face when you try to stop this with the higher up then tell them that a copy is already on its way to the press, they will no doubt use it. Then the amount of public outcry for their tax money paying for bad cops will make them have to listen and forget about any charges that they woiuld trump up for you busting them. I say if the police can record you with out your permission so can you PERIOD.

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    Most of the officers I've known or had to deal with were honest and hardworking folk who truly believed they were entrusted with power to protect and serve their communities. It's really upsetting when cops like these give the rest a bad name.

    I've very sorry to hear what you're having to go through, and I hope it works out for the best. Good luck, and keep us informed.
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  9. Just what does your brother-in-law, who is an officer in the same department say you should do????? or suggest????

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  10. RECORD, even if it's illegal in your state. Remember Monica Lewinsky? Linda Tripp violated wiretap laws but Clinton still got jammed up. Even if it is a wiretap violation, the media goes after the big fish if there is one. Jamming up some dirty punk cops makes a better news story than some smuck making an illegal recording.

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    To all who have responded, thank you! Also Im sorry for the delay in getting back to all. I went through some medical issues. Thank god all is good now (Medically) As to the LEOS all is quite now. I did make an phone call to the cheifs office even though I didnt talk directly to him I did explain the situation to his secretary. He has not returned my phone call GO FIGURE but, the Leo across the street has not said 2 words to me and thye other LEO Has not been back. I think the best thing to do is just let it quitely go away. The girlfriend of this officer did stop by and said thank you for what help we did try to give her and she has moved out and not looked back. Hopefully this LEO will realize that he has a problem with Domestic Viololince and will seek help. but No One has followed me or bothered me maybe that call to cheifs office did some good at least he is aware of what happened. and I installed an security camera on the outside of my home. Ive been wanting to do this for a while now so this was a good reason to spend the money and now I got good video of all the neighbors cats destroying my flowers and pissing in my garden. so i was able to give my neighbor pics of his cats and asked him to repay me for the damage which he agreed or I was going to call Dog warden. But Thanks again to everyone for the support and, directions on how to handle everything Im just glad it has quitely gone away..

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