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    I never record sound. I'm in SC I know I can install cameras outside. My brother is in Ga from what I read he can't. I could be wrong but I swear it said that you never had a right to film someone. I intended to ask him about it but he is on vacation.

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    I appreciate everyones replys to my original post. To date, There have been no other conflicts with this officer or, any of his buddies. I truly hope That it all has just gone away. But, lerking in the back of my mind is that un-easy feeling everytime I see him. I know what he and, his buddies are capable of.... So for now, I keep my gaurd up But most Importantly, I dont let it Interfear with my life... Thanks Again,Take Care
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbanjo View Post
    I don't know what State your in ,but in some States is illegal to use cameras,
    Whatever happened to freedom of the press?

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    Well. I see security cameras at every mall parking lot, traffic intersections. and all along the interstate and state roads here. I have four day/night vision cameras on the front of my house focused on my property. If anyone sues me, they'll immediately get a counter suit for trespassing.

    There's been a rash of day time house breaks all around me, and night time vehicles being ransacked. Between the cameras, and stickers on every window and door which say WARNING: Unauthorized entry may result in personal injury or death. I sleep well at night. We had one car vandalized once, but nothing since the cameras went up. It records digital 24/7 and while I'm typing here I'm watching the princess backing into the driveway on the 4 split screen on my wife's computer right next to me. Great system. EZ Watch Pro.
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    I always liked what the folks at Welcome to Security Labs Online make.

  7. Aren't all cops out of control?

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    Post Subject: "Can We Tape?"

    Here is a consolidated list of 50 state laws concerning your question.

    "Can We Tape?"


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    Thank God I live in Texas, in any case if you are on my property you will be recorded video and audio, if you wish to contest this you must enter my property past my "sweet dog" all 90 pounds of him and then 870 pump backed up by 45 most likely not worth the discussion.

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    get your butt to!!!

    Bro my advise to you is get the State attorney General into the mix ! I would have a tape record also @ the ready also contact state police you beat go man go !!!!!

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    We use a GeoVision card in a dedicated computer at the shop. 16 cameras at 90 fps. With signs at the entrances saying video cameras in use. I've already burned 2 cds for police cases. We can watch the cameras from any of the computers at the shop.

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