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    If you are standing on my property your rights do not exist, per sign and warning anyone entering property anyone assumes all criminal, civil, moral responsibility for what befalls them. Beside dog can't read and will not respond to nice doggy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsdinTexas View Post
    Forget going to that police dept to register any complaints or whatever.
    If you really want to pursue it, go to the state attorney general, who will get the state police into it and maybe even the feds.
    But understand you will probably have to move to some other state after all this.
    Police can do anything they want - but thankfully many are dedicated and professional and have some restraint, most of the time.
    Not necessarily.
    A couple of my family members not only got the cops removed in a village here that no longer exists, but the were even awarded 5 figure settlements afterward and they still live in that same village a decade or more later.

    Of course, these two particular family members are rabidly persistent in just about everything they do.
    I go out of my way to cooperate with LEO's, to a point of fault, Id say.
    But if one ever harasses and threatens me like in the OP I'll spend every waking moment and every dollar I make filing lawsuits and complaints like my family members did until this guy wishes he hadnt been born and certainly never works in law enforcement again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas View Post
    Aren't all cops out of control?
    Ive dealt with a lot of cops in my life in one regard or another.
    Ive yet to cross any that were out of control...and only one time back in 97 or so have I ever even crossed an unprofessional LEO. These two just didnt like that they had to come out on a call that particular evening. Nothing too bad.

    My own interactions with LEO's has been entirely positive. Whether it was local PD, state troopers or county sheriffs.

    Generalizing against all cops over the idiocy of a few isnt any better than ALL of us gun owners being berated and blamed over the one who commits a crime with a gun or does something stupid with one.

  5. LEO out of control

    Internal Affairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire fighter View Post
    Internal Affairs
    Actually the better solution is to have a citizen review board that has the power to terminate LEO's. It's a realy good and important check to have in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Actually the better solution is to have a citizen review board that has the power to terminate LEO's. It's a realy good and important check to have in place.
    Definitely could deal with that.
    Just vote them in and out like a Sheriff.
    Vote bad cops out and send information to the rest of the state PD's, etc to let them know this guy isnt worth hiring.

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    I live in a small town west of Spokane Wasnington. The chief of police is a bully and a member of the 'good old boys' that includes a 'who is who' of everyone who runs the town. Complaints are put in the 'round file'. Sometimes the only way that justice can be done in the case of a bad cop is to hire the RIGHT lawyer and finding the right lawyer can be a challenge. I have learned to politely but firmly excersise my rights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chikinhammr View Post
    If I were you I would get a small video camera or digital recorder and record any future encounters you have with these ass clowns. If you end up in court it will be your word againt theirs and the judge is going to be on their side if you don't have evidence to support the truth.

    I am just finishing up with my law Enforcement degree, and its dicks like those guys that make wanting to be a LEO hard.
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    Without going into detail, I served for a short period (18 Months) in a large metropolitan police department. I wish I could say that it left me with a deep respect for the police. It didn't. I found a very closed society, rife with bullies, corruption and a general disregard for private citizens,. I met a lot of good cops but I also worked with some very scary individuals with a lot of seniority. I believe part of it comes from the constant contact with violence, a predilection for bullying physical types to become LEOs, a feeling of isolation from general society and a need to CYA as a group.

    We have to have them, chaos would reign if they weren't out there on the street. But I am just as afraid and leery of them as I am of the BGs. Never, never try to buck them. You are bound for disaster if they feel you are against them in any way. The Internal affairs types will only act against the LEOs if there is a political (departmental politics) reason to try to remove them. Citizens' complaints die on somebody's desk (after the mandatory phone call to the LEO to let him know you are an SOB out to ruin him.)

    I show them respect, do what they tell me to do and then get away from them as soon as I can. This rule is good in any country and ours is no different. They aren't evil but they do live by a whole different philosophy and set of rules. I'm glad they are out there, but I deliberately avoid too much contact with them.

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    You people have some unhealthy views of society in general. Law Enforcement agencies differ from each other as much as the individual officers do, and for you guys to have opinions of "cops" like you do just shows an incredible amount of ignorance. I'm glad I stopped here before I wasted anymore time on this site.

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