Out of Control LEO"S
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    Out of Control LEO"S

    I live across the street from an LEO for the past 15 Years. And, we have always been friends. Last week on Thursday 05/13/2010 at 9:00PM I heard some screaming and, Yelling as I looked out my front window only to see him beating up his girlfriend. My wife and,Kids were all watching and Horrorified by what they were seeing. So I, Proceeded to go outside and try to get his attention. as he seen me I said hey what are you doing? His reply was mind your own Business But at least he stopped chasing her she then got in her car that was blocked by his patrol car and could not leave. about 5 minutes later another patrol car came and picked up his girlfriend Because my brother-in-law is an officer in same Department I always listen to the scanner and no car was dispatched to his house so he must of called one of his buddies. well, after he lefted she came back I asked her if she was alright and she said no. but was told by other officer Not to make an REPORT She also said that she was going to move out and leave that night. Anyways I was so upset that my family had to watch this that I tried to talk to him the next day his reply was mind my own business and to leave his yard so I did. Now I believe No man should ever hit an Women no matter what the reason and because he is LEO He got away with it. Then on Sunday 05/16/2010 I went to my brother -in -laws house and explained what had happened he told me this wasnt the first time this other officer has done this to an girlfriend. and he decieded to go to the chief of Police The Chief called me on Tuesday 05/18/2010 and asked me all about the Situation so I told him. Well, Here is where it gets bad. Yesterday at 12:30 PM This officer in Plain clothes came to my door banging on it so loud it scared my 3 year old as I opened the door he began swearing,screaming at me and told me I better watch my back I at this point told him to get the F --K Off my property before he needed to be removed. then he said That he wanted his snowblower back that he gace me 7 years ago that didnt work and I fixed by the end of the day and again he added or else. 5 Minutes later another officer in uniform came to my door telling me not asking that I better give his snowblower back by the end of the day and my reply was or what. Then I asked if he was Dispatched to my house he said no he was here for his friend From that Point I was Pissed I came outside and Told Him to get the F--k off my Property before I had him arrested he laughed and said did I forgot who they are I said no you are both Pathedic Losers who are mis-using thier powers to intimadate poeple. the good thing all my neighbors were out watching. And, because I was armed yesterday when I answered the door he told me that I better be careful beiing armed. After He lefted I proceeded to go up to police department I noticed that same officer following me so I made several turns and drove out of his Juristirction only to have him follow me for about 7 miles I finally lost him. I went home and Called the chief and still waiting for him to call me back today. I just cant believe that LEO'S like these two think they can get away with this. Im so sick to my stomach that he was hitting his girlfriend like she was an criminal and didnt even care Im thankful I went outside because god knows what he would have done if I wouldnt of. I know all LEO'S are not bad but, here are two that need to be remove from their jobs and, Im going to follow this through I will not be threaten in front of my kids by anyone especially LEO'S I will let you all know the outcome after chief calls me today...

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    "When police break the the law, there is no law...Just a fight for survival."-Billy Jack

    My thoughts too.


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    I hope it all works out for you ,just watch yourself . These scumbags will twist the law anyway they can to get you . I wouldn't go anywhere without people with me until these jerks are removed from there jobs . It just goes to show it only takes one or two bad cops to make them all look bad

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    Out of Control LEO"S

    If I were you I would get a small video camera or digital recorder and record any future encounters you have with these ass clowns. If you end up in court it will be your word againt theirs and the judge is going to be on their side if you don't have evidence to support the truth.
    Chaz Murray

  6. While my situation was not nearly as volatile as the one related, I second the recorder idea. Years ago, I was involved in an attempt to modify state requirements allowing farmers to move overwidth loads w/o permit. Right after I posted a Letter to the Editor outlining the need for this modification of the law, the highway patrol began stopping and checking every load I hauled. Although I was well within the current law, I was hassled constantly. I started carrying a small tape recorder which I used to tape every stop and encounter. After a couple of recorded stops, the hassling stopped. The first time I used the recorder, the trooper asked why I had it. I told him if this continued, I was going to start sending copies up the chain of command all the way to the state attorney general. You need to go beyond the local police dept before this situation escalates into something violent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobuck View Post
    You need to go beyond the local police dept before this situation escalates into something violent.
    I agree. Local Police are usually a "Good ol' Boys" Club (as evidenced by your being visited in an "UNofficial" capacity) that you have to go beyond, not only to get something done but to get people involved who aren't part of the problem.
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    Hypocricy at it's finest!! Sworn to uphold the laws they are breaking!! These a$$ clowns make all cops look bad!! Definitely record everything and definitely go up the chain of command! These idiots have no business wearing a badge!

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    Thanks All,
    I will carry my Digital recorder with me from now on. And, I think the best thing to do is contact the State Police Barracks. I only hope they take this Seriously and, dont blow me off. Its hard to say what they will do..

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Record all interactions you can, notice any bystanders who may overhear your discussions, but just as importantly keep everything civil. Cussing at LEOs and calling them losers doesn't help your cause. It will help THEM portray you as a hot head who started yelling and making false complaints because you got mad at your neighbor.

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    Chik is right. Your word against theirs... you lose. I was once beat up in broad daylight on the sidewalk by two cops because they didn't want to listen to why I couldn't move my (disabled) car out of the street. I had approached them to ask them to help me push it. Anyway, broken ribs, face lacerations yada yada. Locked up and trip to ER. I put an ad in the paper looking for witnesses and started getting threatening phone call all hours of the night. I had the phone tapped, and when I wanted the report from AT&T they said "You have to have a cop give us a case number and we will give THEM the information who was calling you." Well, didn't the report mysteriously disappear. I was then prosecuted for several false charges. I have NO use for cops.
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