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Thread: Plain cloths LEO lucky he didn't get shot by motorcyclist

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    I can comprehend reading, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pd6468 View Post
    If I had a dollar for every jackass i've seen on a crotch rocket driving erratically...
    I wonder how much you'd have for every crotch rocket you saw riding wheelstands at high speed in heavy traffic.

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    probably a lot!

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    Apparently the cycle riders are much more spirited around where you live.

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    Yes they are! They are nuts.

  7. As the story moves along

    Wiretap Charges Tossed in Videotaping of Trooper
    By BEN NUCKOLS Associated Press Writer

    BALTIMORE - A judge threw out criminal charges Monday against a Maryland man who videotaped his traffic stop by a plainclothes state trooper and posted the video on YouTube.

    Anthony J. Graber III had been indicted under Maryland's wiretap law, which requires the consent of both parties to record a private conversation. His video shows the trooper pulling his gun and telling Graber to get off his motorcycle before he identifies himself as a police officer..........
    Wiretap Charges Tossed in Videotaping of Trooper

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    My questions are; "Is the cop on duty or off?" What was the reason he pulled his gun? And why didn't he at least have his badge displayed?
    My next issue is if there was a marked car behind him, that doubles the question "Why did he draw his weapon?".
    And if he was alone at first, then the cop displayed that he doesn't have much common sense. My first thought would be to defend myself. As the guy very well could have been a civilian with road rage. He should of displayed his badge first not his gun.
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    Coffee the elixir of life!

  9. What a BS line "he was wearing the cam to pull a GOTCHA on Police". Do a youtube search for motorcycle helmet cam and i'm sure you'll find PLENTY of people have cameras to record their stunts. When I was riding a crotch rocket I wanted a camera to look back on the countless morons that nearly killed me.
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    Pulling a gun on an individual who is armed with no way for that individual to know you are an LEO could be a lethal act for both of you. Waving a badge (can buy one today) will not count, he would be better off calling a marked unit.

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    Ok, May as well give my .02 since I ride a "crotch rocket"... Kawasaki ZX14... at 40 year old. Not really a rocket, it's more like a missile breaking the sound barrier according to a LEO friend who has ridden it. lol

    I had typed this long, elaborate opinionated debate...but you know what? It's been done to death.

    MHO They were BOTH wrong! Rider was out with video camera trying to get some "cool" footage to show on youtube to make himself feel worthy and brag a others stated. Poor choice of place...probably. Dumb luck that he happen to get spotted by an overzealous, off duty LEO...most definitely.

    NightMare45...I have to agree!
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