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  1. Just wanted to say, I'm Florida born and raised with a res. permit and that's all perfectly correct information. Personally I used my gun in the glove box as a successful distraction from getting a ticket on two different occasions before I got my CCL. Most cops, assuming they do know the law correctly (which at least 90% of them do down here) will not hassle you, they just check the VIN which is standard procedure. If you have a permit they might not even check the VIN. Just make sure you have your hands on the wheel and the window rolled down when the LEO approaches.

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    I am new to the forum and also a new handgun owner (got 2 more days on my 5 day wait for my Glock 27 :D). I would like to know if you HAVE to present your carry permit when being pulled over? Is that something you can just keep to yourself unless the need arises?

    Rachell in FL

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    The general consensus is that wherever you go, when encountering a LEO and your permit is valid, present your CWL along with your driver's license and other requested paperwork. Most LEO will be professional about it and you shouldn't have any problems. I've polled my LEO friends (where "carry" permits are issued), and they gave me similar advice. Don't make any sudden movements and follow the direction of the LEO. Their feeling is that most BG won't have a CCW, and if they were carrying, won't be up front and disclose that they're armed.

    If you notice on the show "Cops", the officers usually ask a suspect something like "Do you have any weapons or sharp objects in your pockets?" While they're frisking a suspect. Thinking that this was "Hollywood", I asked my LEO buddies if this tactic works. To my surprise, they say that most suspects will be truthful when asked these direct questions.

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  5. Palm Beach Incounter

    I was pulled over in Palm Beach County FL and I had a xd 45 in my glove box. I was pulled over for having my music too loud. 2 officers approached my car and asked to see my license, reg, and ins. Before I even reached for my info, he asked me if I had any weapons in the car and I simply told him yes. He asked what I told him a pistol in the glove box. He asked me to turn the car off and step out. I did so, and he proceded to unlock my glove and run the serial number on my gun. Now this was before I even had my CCW, but FL laws allow you to keep a gun in your car as long as it's in a securely encased. In FL that is defined as in a glove box, center console, case that can be fasened closed, or a holster WITH A SNAPPING THUMB STRAP. In which the gun can be loaded and cocked. I had my gun clip in but not one in the chamber, in a holster with a snapping thumb strap, in a locked glove box. Of course the officer had no problem with that and after checking to see that my gun was legit, he proceded to thank me for informing him that I even had a gun, and complemented my XD. After that I didnt even recieve a ticket for what I was origionally pulled over for, not even a warning. It was a thanks and goodbye.

    After an experience like that I would never even consider not telling a LEO that I had a gun, unless of course I knew that I had it on me illegally. I'm not stupid though so I dont think Ill ever run into that problem in the first place.

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    I'm still shaking my head to the fact that that officer wasn't going to give you your ammo back.. now that's what I call a JERKOFFicer!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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