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    Informative Road Check

    I was driving home last night on the back roads of Manning, SC and saw some flashing lights and a few cones. It was a road safety check with the Manning County PD. I slowed the truck down, flipped on the interior lights of the truck, and put my hands on top of the wheel so they could see them.
    As I came to a stop before the officer could speak I respectfully informed him that I had a CWP and the Glock was in the glove box. I then asked how he would like to proceed. He said as long as I did not reach for the glove box we would be fine. Then he asked what the laws were on informing an officer. So I told him that we should inform the officer when approached. Then he asked if it could be loaded and I said of course it can. Then he asked where it could be kept legally. I thought that this was very strange but I respectfully answered all his questions.
    So all in all it was good encounter and he handled it very professionally, but I wonder if he was just trying to quiz me on my knowledge of the gun law or if he really wasn't aware of what they were. I hope it was just a quiz for the sake of someone who may not be as familiar with the law.

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    Sounds like it went well. I would not have informed him of a weapon in the glove box unless he specifically asked if there was anything in the car that could harm him. Also you only have to immediately inform LEO's if you're CC at the time they ID themselves as such, per State Law. BUT, it seemed to go well and glad you posted.
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    I've done what Mappow advised. I was pulled for speeding (55 in a 50!). I had my weapon in the console. Since I was not carrying concealed, I didn't mention it. My info was in the glove, so didn't have any need to open the console.

    You are not requried to mention a gun in the glove even if the officer asks if there is anything in the vehicle that can harm him. If that were the case, you might report any knife, nail file, hammer, pen, etc. It might be a good thing to do if your weapon is in the glvoe and your paperwork is in there too.

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    Cool disclose or not

    USCCA Founder Tim Schmidt advises to voluntarily inform any LEO that you're carrying concealed, whether on person or concealed in vehicle. He says: "Where I work and live, in Michigan, folks who have a concealed pistol license are required to inform the officer stopping them that they have a weapon with/on them. They can be subject to a civil infraction fine if they do not disclose this information." I'd like to know the states that have a penalty for non voluntary disclosure. I think just a little legal push back could clear this requirement on the books - sounds unconstitutional.

    I've seen postings by some LEOs that voluntary disclosure complicates a simple traffic stop and they'd rather not know under these circumstances. This makes sense. Obviously, if you're reaching for papers in or near your weapon it makes a lot of sense to advise LEO - also makes more sense to keep papers and weapon well-separated. But disclosing for the sake of disclosing makes no sense to me and I agree with the LEOs trying to keep things simple. I'm all for respect but I'm more for Constitutional purity and see the citizen's privacy more important than sending the LEO away thinking that you're a great guy for being soooo respectful - no disrespect to opinions intended. Sorry so verbose on this posting - will shoot for brevity next time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antietam View Post
    Sorry so verbose on this posting - will shoot for brevity next time.
    No pun intended... Sorry-- couldn't pass that one up.

    And I appreciate your point on 'Constitutional purity'... well said.

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    In Alabama we do not have to inform a LEO. Never had a run in with an LEO while I was carrying. I am sure I wouldn't say anything--after all--its none of his affair. If I had a weapon in my glove box, I think I would inform him if he asked me to get my vehicle registration. But only then. I would hate for him to think I was reaching for a weapon when I only meant to get my registration.

    I love Alabama because we don't have to inform an LEO of anything unless he suspects us of a crime. In which case he better have some reasonable cause.

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