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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean_F View Post
    There is only one community college in Coolidge, AZ.

    Not to mention seeing as he has already scammed me and 5 other members from another forum out of holsters claiming to be a holster maker, I went ahead and called the school asking if he was employed there and he is not.

    He told us he was in DEA for 12 years and had to leave because of an injury. he told members on another forum, he was a retired deputy of 22 years. he claimed to be wheelchair bound due to a blackhawk crash in panama during his dea days, that is how he swindled a member out of the money for "wheelchair batteries" he claims he has 25 acres and a private gun range on his property on warriortalk, then he claims he lives in a small home that has turned ghetto here and other places. I can't keep up with the lies. I just want my money back. Going on two years now. He is selling holsters as Snowman Gunleather or at least making them and claiming to sell them because we never got ours. then he is claiming here in a for sale thread that someone else made his holsters. Lies and scams.
    The guy sounds freaky. thanks for outing him for us.

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    Yikes... Good detective work.. So it's all BS? Imagine that BS on the web... Lots of that going around...

    I still dare anyone to try the open carry thing here in MA...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    The guy sounds freaky. thanks for outing him for us.
    So we have a mall-ninja, internet rambo, and a scam artist all rolled into one?

    Maybe he invented the internet as well.

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