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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy62 View Post
    I agree!!! It's the OC'ers that [s]stand on[/s] uphold the Constitution like [s]a circus tent evangelist[/s] every freedom loving citizen should and preach the law that gives [s]the rest[/s] those of us that are to chicken to be an American a bad name with the [s]LEO's.[/s] rest of freedom loving Americans.

    If the citizen is breaking no laws then he/she should fully expect to NOT be treated like a criminal. He/she should NOT expect to be forced to comply with the illegal demands of a person hiding behind a badge.

    If you don't like the law, work to get it changed.

    If you don't like people legally taking a stand against those that would ifringe upon our liberties then move.

    Or you could just attack those that choose to stand up for what they believe is right on an open forum.
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    for so long laws have diluted our rights that some don't realize what the 2nd actually does in its full scope. you can carry as soon as your father says so you can.
    "An unloaded gun is an exspensive club"! Sig Sauer P239 DAK .40 S&W // 2nd Amend = you can carry as soon as your father says you can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy62 View Post
    I agree!!! It's the OC'ers that stand on the Constitution like a circus tent evangelist and preach the law that gives the rest of us a bad name with the LEO's.
    Allow me to inform you about the reality of things.

    It's the vehement 2A supporters that get laws passed in this country, not the "lets all just get along" group, they are the ones that loose their rights without even paying attention.

    If it weren't for those like us, you wouldn't have that CC license.

    If it weren't for those like us, there are LE that would still be trampling on someones rights, it is our CIVIC DUTY to expose these types. If they have a problem with people carrying firearms ANY WAY where it is legal to do so, then they have broken their oath and do not deserve the badge they are wearing, it's that simple.

    It is because of people like us that more and more affirmations of the 2A are being made every year across the country.

    It will be because of us that we return to what our forefathers wrote in the US Constitution.

    When was the last time you campaigned in your state for pro 2A legislature?
    I think you need to check your own house before you try to insult a fellow 2A supporter, even generally.

    As I've said before, THIS DIVISION NEEDS TO END!!

    We have to be a cohesive and strong group of people if we are to combat the anti-gunners. We have to make shows of legislative force and stand up for what we all believe in, the support and continuation of the 2A forever.
    One must be wary of the mentality creating the problem or the law creating the crime.

    I love America and the Constitution, if you don't then get out!

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    God Bless America.

  6. Here in Comiefornia the only legal way to carry without the near impossible concealed permit, is unloaded open carry. You can have loaded magazines with you, just not attached to the firearm. It's stupid, but currently the only way many people can legally carry. There is also an exemption written in the law that gives police a right to stop and inspect firearms are unloaded, but nothing more. They can't ID or run serial # on the firearm (unless they happen to see it during the unloaded check). This rarely happens though, most of the time open carriers here are treated as criminals and held at gun point while backup arrives and then frisked and questioned--Until recently thanks to the open carry movement here.

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    Just a SCOTUS opinion for review covers demand for ID:

    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    I agree with you 200% There is a division in our own community. The 2nd states: This Right Shall Not Be Infringed. I hate permits. It infringes on the 2nd. Any attempt to restrict this right in any shape or form is an infringement. The 2nd covers OC and CC. We do not need to sensationalize any of it just do it. No need to shove it in people's faces. Push legislation that will better our position. We are making headway.
    "The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

  9. First of all, criminals don't open carry. Unless I'm missing something. The LEO mentioned that "during the holidays people have other issues going on", and we don't know what your agenda is..."

    He obviuosly knew the law otherwise he would have demanded ID and wanted to see his LTCF and proceeded accordingly. BUT he did not. Why? Procedure is what this LEO and other LEO's act upon. Period. I think the gyu should have complied with the LEO. It probobly wouldn't have hurt to show ID. Open carry isn't nessesarily a better safeguard for LEO's maybe a perp. So maybe CCW is a better option in a respect with a LEO, to save yourself a hassle.

    What I don't understand is why he wan't loaded. A statement..... the guy made a statement. OK.... I don't think I would be in that buisness.

    How many scenarios do LEO's see that would have them draw a conclusion that this guy may have had other issues?

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    ".... they are the ones that loose their rights without even paying attention."

    They also loose the rights of the rest of us too often.
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  11. This one is even better..... and these cops KNOW this guy.... and still persist to be a nusience.

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