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    Naked Man with a Gun

    OK I am new to this forum and thought I would share this story with you all.

    One late eveing (11:30PM) on a hot summer night, the wife and I were sweltering in the heat (No AC) when the phone rang. Neighbor from 2 houses down telling me there was a car parked right at my garage in the ally. Mind you it was pitch black back there as there was no lights.

    So I jumped out of bed, grabbed my P345 and out the door I go in my skivvies.

    Skirted the garage with my weapon pointed at the ground on my right side. Peeked my head around the garage to find four youg ladies smoking a joint in their car. Hmmm I thought, I will have fun with this and I stuck my head around the garage and yelled "HEY"!! Scared the crap out of all but one. This move just pissed her off and she told me I was going to jail and they left.

    Next thing I know there is a commotion out front to find that the ladies had come around to the main street and knocked on a neighbors door (Yeah you guessed it, the neighbor that called me) The neigbor asked what they were doing in the ally, drugs? That shut the woman up fast.

    They then drive by my house screaming obsenities and telling me I was going to jail. So I put my pistol away and put on a pair of shorts knowing that a cop was bound to show up.

    Went to the kitchen (that faces the ally) to get a drink of water when I notice a head bobbing around the neighbors garage. Now I am thinking WTH?

    I stepped out the back door and my world lit up bu a Spokane city police with a BIG dog and a gun telling me to come out of my fenced yard so he could speak with.

    Well I am not much for trusting local cops and I had had enough by this point and told him no. About this time 6 more cops show up and start demading that I come out of the yard. So in no uncertain terms told them they could blow smoke up their skirts because I knew if I stepped out of the yard, I would have beenon the ground and arrested.

    So they we stand me yelling at the cops and the cops yelling at me. (And no, they have not drawn their weapons).

    About that time the lieutenant came up and asked us to all calm down. He then asked me to tell him what happened and I did. He promptly gets on his radio in informs dispatch that is was a home owner protecting his property. He did ask if I had branished my weapon and I said I had not and he wanted know how the women seen my pistol. So I told the lieutenant, "Sir, I had no place to hide the pistol as I had come outside in just my skivvies" which of course made him laugh. I did say it may be a good idea to at least put some clothes on before I came out.

    He then went into his speel about how I should have stayed in the house and called the police. Ha!! I had to ask him a question at this point....... If this call would have come in with out the gun issue, would they have responded? He had to tell the truth and tell me no as prowlings are not that high on their priority list. I then told him THAT is exactly why I went out myself.

    The next day I find my story in the paper "Naked man in an alley with a gun chasing girls'. And that they had the SWAT team on standby and had shut down my neigborhood for 4 blocks around my house.

    So the moral to this story is.... Don't be afraid to stand up for your rights and to the cops. Not all cops are bad as the nice lieutenat proved. (Of course the regular street cops were punks)

    Sorry for the long story but thought it worth sharing.

    BTW, the only people that went to jail that night were the 4 young ladies that they had about 3 blocks down for suspect burglary and drug possession.

    And I am known in the neighborhood as a gun tooting crazy!

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    That was a very good story, a friend of mine had his Store robed one night, he told me the only mistake he made was to stop and put his pants on. If he hadn't of he would have caught them.

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    Probably should have call 911 after you got back in the house. Might have save you some of that headache.
    "The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson 3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edsworld View Post
    Probably should have call 911 after you got back in the house. Might have save you some of that headache.
    I was thinking the same thing. A call to the police would have brought the police and the situation could have been explained.

    I had a situation some time ago, with a vagrant that came through my yard and proceeded to my front door and was greeted with the working end of my .357 revolver. My wife was on the phone with the police immediately...

    Just opinion...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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