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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    You could just as easily have taken over control of the situation without asking the LEOs if they wanted to see your ID by saying something like, "In this Terry Stop, do you, in fact, have any Reasonable, Articulable Suspicion?", following that up with, "Am I free to go?"

    Say it nice... and easy. Don't come off as aggressive or in their faces, merely knowledgeable and adamant. You would achieve the same ends without the "Papers, please!" moment.

    Depending on where you're at, saying stuff like "Is this a Terry Stop" or challenging the officer with terms like "do you have any reasonable, articulable suspicion?" could end up with you getting more grief. A simple "am I free to go?" would suffice. Is it legal for them to detain you unnecessarily? No, will you ultimately pay the price that day by getting hassled, and tied up with the LEO longer than necessary? Yes.

    Though I don't agree with your post in it's entirety, you did good.

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  3. It wasnt the gun it was all that hair

    While here in TN OC is legal I am sure if I did it I would get stopped every day, I not only have the hair and the winter face fur I am rather ugly too.

    But I also have no problem giving ID, I have nothing to hide and have no desire to make their jobs any harder. I know I look rather rough these days, it is part of the overall plan to make the thugs look another direction, But if I was an LEO I would stop me.
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  4. I think you handled it right, I have no problem with handing over my ID the fact is I would have gave him my CDL, MY CCW and my VA disabled ID card, but in the last year I have carried the only ones that ever seem to notice it are LEO friends, retired and active, that I have coffee with sometimes..other then that nothing, guess I'm doing something right,,oh I have semi long gray hair with a full beard and I'm 70...plus I ride a motorcycle..everything going against me except my charm..

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