LEO encounter in Walmart
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Thread: LEO encounter in Walmart

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    LEO encounter in Walmart

    Just got back from Walmart and I was approached by two LEOs while picking out toys for my daughters for Christmas.

    I had walked past one on the way in at the entrance and I noticed him looking at my strong side, but he waited until he had backup to approach. He asked me if I was law enforcement, which I've been asked that twice and here's what gets me....I have long hair, now if I was law enforcement, wouldn't I have to be undercover for them to allow me to grow my hair out? With that being true...why would I open carry if I were undercover, kinda defeats the purpose ya think?

    Next he asks me if I have a CCW. Ok? Um, if I did, wouldn't it be concealed? So I tell him, "No...that's why it's in the open. I've taken the course, but ya know I just haven't gotten around to taking it to the Sheriff's office."

    At this point, neither says anything for a couple seconds so I guess I needed to take over the investigation lol. I asked them if they would like to see my ID and the one says, "...yeah let me see your ID." So I gave my ID to this guy and he looks at it and shows it to the other LEO, he hands it back and I asked, "Are we done?", He says, "Yeah we're done, have a nice day sir" and they walk off. Lol, they didn't even run it, why did these guys even bother me? I guess if they figured I was that straightforward that I had nothing to hide and they were right.

    I know there are those of you that frown on me for giving the LEO my ID, but I'm just not concerned about it really and they weren't being pricks, plus it gave me the ability to take over the situation, because now I'm leading the conversation. Something many of you should learn, if your polite, act like you know what your talking about and you actually do know what your talking about, it's very easy to defuse and take control of a LEO encounter. I know because this would be the fourth time so far.

    All in all a rather dull encounter, but hey, it's nice to throw an occasional one here that goes well.

    After I purchased my gifts, I walked out and both were standing by the entrance. I wished them both a Merry Christmas and they returned the same in kind.
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    Well done
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    Good job!

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    Some may frown at you giving the LEOs your ID but do not count me among them nor, most likely, the majority of the forum members.

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    Your right on everything you wrote, I also have long hair. Look like a 65 year old Hippie, and I ride a Motorcycle.

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    I think that's great. You took over to the point, they didn't know what to do.

    Works for me!
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    Way to take control, UM. Good job!
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    You could just as easily have taken over control of the situation without asking the LEOs if they wanted to see your ID by saying something like, "In this Terry Stop, do you, in fact, have any Reasonable, Articulable Suspicion?", following that up with, "Am I free to go?"

    Say it nice... and easy. Don't come off as aggressive or in their faces, merely knowledgeable and adamant. You would achieve the same ends without the "Papers, please!" moment.
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    Very nicely done. If you don't mind showing ID, I have absolutely no trouble with that. It's your right to decide whether or not you want to.
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    Excellent Post, glad you handled the situation in a easy going, know what you're talking about manner. A bit repetitive on the field interviews, 4 times now you stated. YA think they just like long haired boys
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