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  1. Pat Down, What Pat Down?

    Yep, its just about as bad as watching all those flower power people in the Billy Jack movies now a days. You know, the people who are so disinterested in the affronts against them that they will do what ever some evil doer wants them to do. About the best thing from those movies was when Billie took off his shoes and actually kicked butt.
    I too, am surprised by the incorrect pat downs you were given. Sometimes it seems that the inability to perform the job correctly eludes officers. On the other hand, now a days, you say one word, even if it is "but" you will have a dozen guns on your head and be cleaning your shorts for a month--that is, if they don't pull the trigger first.
    I guess I am just saying it was a good thing this happened then, rather than now.:icon_wink:

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    I love those movies.My Daddy used to like them.Billy Jack rocks!
    But,having seent ehm,I know what you mean.
    Back in the 1800's when slavery was prevalent in this country,how did they keep the slaves in line?By the use of force,or threatened use of force,or loss of some kind.
    You are free or you are a slave.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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