I've been reading everyones encounters so I figured I would post mine. Years ago, 96ish?, I was in Philly to see a GF. We went out to a club in North Philly (Club Zadar I think) and on the way back I got pulled over. It was about 3am. The LEO stated I wasn't driving very straight.

Anyways, one or two more cop cars showed up and one of them asked if I had any drugs or anything 'they should know about' in the car. I told them I had a loaded .45 in the glove box and promptly showed them my permit. One of them said something about being lucky I wasn't in the heart of Philly... something like "they (meaning LEOs) don't like finding people with guns there".

Well, I passed the breath test and was on my way. They didn't ask to see the gun.