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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Only those people who have no concern for their rights would say you did the wrong thing. The officer had absolutely no suspicion that your gun was stolen and had absolutely no reason to check the serial number.

    I have to stand up and applaud the officer's handling of the situation, some would have seized the gun "for officer safety" and ran the serial number anyway, an action clearly against the 4th amendment.
    I agree with NavyLT in his assessment. However it does seem to me that the leo was on a 'fishing expedition' and wanted to see if the person detained would willingly surrender or did not know their rights. Remember the leo would not be asking for permission to take the gun if she(he) did not need to. In my opinion any good leo will respect a decision not to comply and excerise your rights under the Constution. I wish more people did this and said NO to police searches. The Constution limits police power and was written to protect all of us. This leo did the responsible thing and backed off. Our rights. Use them or Lose them.

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    In Texas we have to inform if carrying on or about the body if we are carrying, no requirement to allow running of serial number none will be given, as far as officer wanting to handle gun, had I not explained to an officer in a small Texas town how to remove a round from the chamber, he would have shot himself or my wife the way he was waving the gun around. Got a warning, I think because I kept him from shooting himself or someone else. On a Border Patrol checkpoint (drug dog alerted on dirty clothing) officers ask for weapon to be placed in car for second sniff by dog, I did this myself and after second pass by dog officer ask if I would pull out of the secure area prior to holstering the gun, friendly wave as we left.

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    A friend and riding buddy, and county deputy sheriff, informed me that "they" all assume here that EVERY vehicle has a weapon...and they like to be informed if carrying.

    I have yet to be pulled over since getting my permit. If it happens, I will hand over my permit with driver license and go from there.
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    How to handle a stop while CC'ing is a mixture of personal preference and law. I keep a list of duty to inform states in the car, so that when I'm on a road trip, I'm always aware of the law. If there is no duty to inform, I don't. If I'm ever asked to step out of my vehicle, I will keep both hands on the wheel and calmly inform that I have a valid pistol permit and am carrying my firearm on my person and ask how the officer would like to proceed? This would now be regardless of the duty to inform. So far, I have been lucky enough that this has never happened to me. I get a lot of help from this little device that prevents many problems. It's called a speedometer and I use it judiciously.

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    If the gun is legal, why not be an ambassador of honest law abiding CCW permit holders? Sure, you can run the gun.

    Had my own stop for a tail light on Monday night. Put on internal light and kept hands on the wheel. LEO asked if I had any drugs, guns or nukes in the car? I advised him I was carrying a licensed loaded G26 IWB at 3:30 on my right hip. He asked for my CCW permit. He looked at it and gave it back. Told me I had a tail light out and should get it fixed so someone doesn't rear-end me. He bid me goodbye and went on his way. Never asked to see the gun. Didn't seem concerned at all.

  7. 1st encounter with LEO while carrying

    As a new CCW holder, I did think through how I would reply to getting pulled over. Unfortunately, I didnt think I would have to use it so soon since basically just getting my carry permit.

    I got pulled over for speeding, and as the officer got out of his car, I had my license and carry permit in one hand, and the other on the wheel. I just said here is my license, and my carry license, and that I was carrying, and asked how his wished to proceed.

    He asked where it was, had I showed him. (glove box) He was cool with it, but did take it with my license for a few when he went back to his car. He was very polite about it, but still gave me a speeding ticket (although he did cut me a break on how fast I was going) not sure if that was because I was up front with him or not.

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