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    WOW, I have read some great stories...My encounter was much different than most so here we go...
    It was summer in Tucson, Arizona. I was living with my brother in the Sam Hughes area in a large home. My brother had come home to find his girls belongings by the door and he was confused on where she could be. He called and looked all over for her. He became concerned when he could not locate her. She danced at a local topless bar and he was worried maybe someone had follwed her. He called 911. I happen to be asleep, my room was near the front door. I heard some muffled noise in the area of the kitchen just past the living room outside my bedroom door. Not knowing what was happening i grabbed my Sig.45 with night sights. as i opened the door looking past the living room i could see the shadow of my brother and one other person. My brother happens to be 6' 10" all i coulde hear was no, no, i do not know, and it looked like his hands were raised. I took two steps out of the door gun raised and just like that, a uniformed officer turned the corner out of the kitchen i saw him he saw me...I had a good sight line on the middle of his face night sight glowing, I raised my left hand in the stop posistion lowered my gun threw it back in the room...two UC officers whipped around the corner and said, "whats going on" the uniformed officer said, "This young man almost got hurt". I said "this officer nearly got DEAD". I asked them "do you not ask if anyone else is in the house?" they replied, " i guess we overlooked that. My gun was back in the room i was involved in their investigation of my brothers girl friend and all was left alone. Good encounter except i had to change my underwear...oh yea she showed up...DAMN

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    Wow, Im suprised they werent more aggressive with you than that, although they probably realized it was THEIR fault for not checking if anyone else was in the house. You and He BOTH got lucky noone got hurt.

    Good Story.
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