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Thread: Do NOT talk to the Police without a lawyer!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jurist View Post
    As an attorney, I have yet to see a single instance in practice where my client's situation would improve by talking to the cops with or without a lawyer.

    I have these videos on my iPhone and regularly email the links to clients or mail the links in advice letters. It's dead on.

    I personally talk to cops when pulled over for speeding but only chit chat not about the incident. That you're a friendly comfortable person will get you out of a ticket, having a good explanation RARELY/NEVER will.
    I couldn't agree more and my best friend/lawyer has drilled that into my head.

    Earlier this week at work, there was a fight on the job. The team leader (with a LONG history of it) goaded a co-worker one time too many. There was some kind of physical altercation which I didn't not see because I refused to stop working in order to do so. The instigator of the "fight" filed a police report and now I have to make a statement. I flat out refused to talk to the police without an attorney present. Smart move too, since from the start, the instigator has been soliciting favorable statements from a co-worker and me. I don't know what he told the cops, but I'd bet money that he lied about what happened, and what I saw (nothing). All contact with the cops has been through my lawyer and that's the way it's going to stay.

    Far more people have talked their way into jail than out of it.

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    Judge in gun-rights advocate's case favors self-defense instruction - JSOnline

    This is a case where the person doing the shooting did not talk to the police nor anyone else telling his side of the story. He did exactly what everyone has recommened when involved in a shooting. I have no idea what happened that night to cause him to draw his gun and start firing but whatever it was resulted in one man dead and one paralyzed. In his trial he continued his silence. I have posted one of the links about the trial and will let you that are not familiar with the story find the rest on your own but just like the videos say he did not talk to the police other than to call and say two men assaulted him and he shot at them.

  4. Kind of an older video, but relevant to this thread and maybe some of you haven't seen it.

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