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Thread: Pima County SWAT raid: Possibly legit, but still trigger happy

  1. Oh god, the best way for a criminal to instantly obtain compliance with a victim is to yell "POLICE!" People instantly drop their guns and go docile.

  3. I agree It looks like Pima county really screwed-the-pooch on this & are now circling the wagons. It seems clear to me that At THE VERY LEAST it requires a completely un-biased investigation by an outside agency, preferably a Federal Grand Jury. That would take it out of the hands of the LEO crowd, while insuring that it came from a higher level. Also, until the investigation is complete, I would require that all SWAT activity cease. I think this also brings into question the teams' certification.

    P.S. SWAT action for a marijuana bust?

    Here's one more thought. The concept of announcing you're the Police virtually as you break in doesn't give the resident time to verify the ID. That on the surface calls into question whether the police have indeed given proper ID. I understand that it gives the bad guys more time to prepare/flush/etc. but the constitution is founded on the principles of protecting the citizens from over-zealous government!

    If this turns out to be as it appears, I hope some heads roll over it-and I'm not speaking metaphorically. It would seem to be at least manslaughter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    P.S. SWAT action for a marijuana bust?
    Because we all know how stoners are such violent people when they are high. Just ask Bighouse Doc, he's the self proclaimed expert.

  5. I've watched the murder video and fail to accept the reasoning given by the cops that the victim should have known they(the fuzz) were there. A bunch of guys in ninja bdu clothes and a black SUV with a light on it. BFD. I can come up with a black SUV and a blinking light in a short period of time. Does that make me and 5 other guys a SWAT team? One observation I heard was that this SWAT team should be baited into an ambush and dealt with as they did the Marine. The out of control fuzz need to have some concern laid on them.

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    here is some honest footage of the swat team

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