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  1. In Oklahoma you must tell any law Officer stopping you if you have a loaded firearm on you or in the car or truck, it's also shown before your D.L.s number as a letter (H) if you have a CCW. You cannot have a loaded rifle or shotgun in auto or truck that you can reach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootsdeal:213944
    I'm well over 55, been carrying since I was 25, with never a bad incident, and most of those years without a CHL (I know, illegal). Now I have a non-resident CHL from Utah which is legal in the state I live in. I got caught in a speed trap for 5 over the other day (no tickets or previous stops in over 20 years). I purposefully did not notify. Also, I was not asked if a gun was in the car or on my person. If I was asked, I would have been truthful. In my state, the cops know if you have the same state's CHL, but we still don't have to notify, only answer truthfully if asked. Also, didn't get a speeding ticket. I think the cops know by profiling who's a potential problem and who isn't.
    *sarcasm* Did you read the article about the police who thought an ohio carry person was a potential threat? They seem like they know what they are doing...lololololol *sarcasm*

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    Crazy what happened.... The notification laws need to go.

    As for the forum linked to............ well, let me just say that I would be violating the TOS here if dont stop typing now.......

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    Mandatory notification is nothing more than harassment of lawful gun owners and carriers. No armed robber or drug dealer is going to notify, nor do they even HAVE to, since it's a 5th Amendment violation.

    And this is NOT the FIRST time this has happened in Ohio. It's AT LEAST the second. Who knows how many other times it's happened, but the victim was intimidated with similar death threats?

    Sorry, Ohio police have proved they can't be trusted with notification. They need to have it taken away from them.

    In this case the LEO would have shot first and asked questions later saying he in was pulled on him.

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    sorry I didn't know how to quote

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    Link to the dash cam video on YouTube:

    This is going to follow the cop around for the rest of his life... a LOT of people are going to make SURE of it.

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    Just watched the video. What a D***head. The cop needs to be tested for steroids and take a year off for anger management then fired.
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    but I repeat myself.
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    So the question becomes: "How would you handle the situation if it happened to you today?". Remember, the cop keeps telling you to shut up and not move.

    Would yelling "I'm legally armed!" qualify? You've just notified and if he still wants you to sit there mute, no problem!

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    I also live in ohio. Was stopped by a sheriff for not having my front license plate . Told the leo that I had a ccw permit. He then started yelling at me to put my hands on the stearing wheel. He then made me get out of my car and searched me and the car and my two passengers. 23 years old never been in any trouble with the law not even a speeding ticket and he treated my like a criminal. I lost all respect for ohio leo that day. Hopefully someday we will be able to exercise our second amendment rights with out the fear of leo treating us like the bad guys.

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