First time stopped whiile carrying, Positive!-Northern MI
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Thread: First time stopped whiile carrying, Positive!-Northern MI

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    So I picked up my girlfriend from work at 11:00pm to take the 3 hour drive up to the family cottage. At about 1:30am we stopped at a gas station right off the highway for a break. At the gas station a gentleman came up to me and started talking about the car I was driving(2009 Shelby GT-500). Well when we went to leave I got a little excited and spun the tires and quickly accelerated to the speed limit, even after being told not to by my girlfriend. Next thing I knew blue and red lights behind me and I knew I messed up, should of known better but driving a car like that its easy to mess up. Well I quickly pulled into a parking lot and turned on the overhead light, rolled down the window, shut the car off and put my hands on the steering wheel. He approached and was very polite and kind of had a joking friendly attitude, although I knew that could change. Immedently I told him I had a gun where it was and handed him my papers, liscence, and CPL.He asked what I was carrying (Glock 23 in a CrossBreed Supertuck) and a that point I figured he was pro carry. After a couple of moments he approached the car handing everything back and said drive safe and listen to your girlfriend(she will never let me forget it) I thanked him and he left. He got in his charger and pulled in front of me and turned around. When he got next to me I could here his engine rev as he stomped the gas, which I thought that was hilarious! Over all a great expirence!

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    Good story. Jealous about the car but still a good story. Does the heart good to hear the positive stuff too.

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    Do as I say, not as I do. Glad it turned out ok.

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    This time you got lucky. Next time, resist the urge to peel out from a stand still. LOL.... I am glad the officer cut you some slack. :)

  6. How about a picture of the car

  7. First time stopped whiile carrying, Positive!-Northern MI-shelby.jpg

    Here ya go! it's completely stock, at least for now :). Also I am thrilled he cut me some slack on the way back home I plan on stopping at Jay's and seeing if they have a Glock 27 Gen 4 for me to take home. When I saw the lights I figured the Glock was going to be a no no.

  8. Sound like you did you the right things. Great ending.
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    Resist the urge to peel out. The money you save in tires, you can spend on ammunition. :)
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    Ford's Rock!!!!!!!!

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    Considering that the cop let him off without a ticket I won't hold it against him that he revved his engine ... in fact, I think the guy had a good sense of humor.

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