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Thread: When did the police department change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptHerp View Post
    I always wave at the police, and my daughter makes a point of it, also. It makes their day when a 9-year-old kid says "I hope you're having a good day, officer! Thanks for taking care of us!" Cops are used to people constantly lying to them and treating them as though they are enemies because they are doing their job, so I guarantee when you greet a policeman they ALWAYS smile -- at least they do to me.

    My daughter has been raised to believe that if you are in trouble, you go to the police because they're our friends. Too many kids have lousy relatives who break the law and then are brought up to believe that the police are mean and lock people up. Well, duh -- look at who raised them!

    As a side note, I think that stuff about "Bush having beliefs" that everyone needs to believe what we do or be crushed is a conspiracy theory and not helpful. In short, treat cops as you would like to be treated, and tell them the truth, and you won't have a problem. At 58 years old I've made it this far without being cuffed and thrown in a cell, so I suppose I must be doing something right.
    I saw a total of 4 police officers at their department. One walked by me, we made eye contact, I smile and nodded, and he ignored me and walked right past. Maybe he was looking right through me with something on his mind, maybe it was intentional, guess I will never know.

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    Never had a bad interaction myself. Always nice and friendly, even had a friendly cop with a smile jump start my car.

  4. Hi guys! I was a cop a long time ago, I see both side.
    I think the job changed back when the policeman became a motorpatrolman. On the walking beat people you meet are people at thier jobs, shopping, playing, going out to movies, dinner. you get requests for help to close a stuck door, start a car, help uncle bob in to the doc's office cause your walking by and they ask you to give them a little help. your walking a beat in the rain or subzerro cold they see you out there and know your there for them. They say hey want a cup of joe, Hey come in and warm your hands. you help talk to a kid about getting good grades cause his mom said he wants to be a policeofficer. the beatcop knows everyone. he knows who is a good guy he knows the jerk, the bad kids and the good kids. he know when to be at a school parking lot when a fight is going to happen cause kids talk to him. and he shows up and stops it. he knows who he just has to say hey stop that and who he has to take to the station. He was their beatcop then it changed he was in a squadcar. very little interaction of the human kind. it became us and them.
    the only time the cop in a squadcar saw people was when they were beaten up, robbed, raped, murder, drunk, mad crying, doped up and fake friendley. the two side now were just when bad thing happen then thats when you see the cop. see they became so far away from the people who need them now its a standing army to protect the rich and the powerful and the system the policedept system has become non human. they put on the job and forget that they were us. it's the job. we all became dirtbags, wantabes, whores, drunks, asxholxs so they became dirt, thugs w a badge. and now you see them as the canton officer or just the uniform.
    I knew some policeofficers they were the old time cops who knew the beat they were on and they were our boys in blue. there was a tv show that tryed to show the things I am talking about george kennady was in it. he wasa a old beat cop and the moterpatrol officer were taking over and did not know the people on the beat and it showed how things were changing. the people on the beat did not know the cop in the squadcars and the cops did not know the people. ask most cops to name the owners of 5 places in their districk or if they have the phones numbers at home to call them if they found the door open and unlocked. now days the owner would get a fine for not locking the door and if the alarm go's off a fine is going to be in the mail.
    police became a robot not the guy who has a heart behind his badge. people used to name babys after the beat cop. now people do not know their beatcops. most do not know the top cop. in our rush to become better we threw out the boy who grew up next door and became the cop that protects you to a starnge with a gun whos said "YOU GET YOUR Axx OUT OF THE STREET ORI SHOVE THAT BAT UP YOUR Axx " to the kids who have no park in walking distance playing in the street. want guess what they think of that cop.
    I met some heros on the force I saw cops take on horrible people and stop them from killing and all kinds of bad things. no one knew what they did. if you were with a friend and saw a guy with a knife to a baby's neck and your friend took away the knife and arrested the bad guy You would be wow that was super you grabbed that knife before he knew what you were doing and you did not have to hurt the dumb axx badguy you just took him to jail. WOW Well I saw that.! the cops name was Chuck Mcdonald from the joliet PD he did it and he should have got a medal and a newspaper writeup he did not get them. But in my eyes that was the bravest thing I ever saw. Chuck was kinda like a mild manner kind of guy. He called people sir and ment it he would explain things to us young cops and let us try to learn from his style. he was a man first, a person a good person then a cop. charle chaplin made a movie where he bacame a beat cop in the badest hood in newyork.
    the badguys there were beating up cops and robbing people there every day and the cops were scared to go there. so he become the new cop and he is a small guy like 5.5 115 lbs. so when he shows up they bust s gus LOL. he beat them and become the hereo of the block. the people love him. The beatcop he lived in the same block too. well we are not going back to that era. how do we fix the system? we can't
    we are too big and things that happen that should not are swepted under the rug. till it's so bad they can not hide it then they say it was just one bad cop. most of us are great!! no they are not they are a army
    enforcing rules,laws on a people who have little power to stop them. they do not have to change till the system is fixed. they are scary. not friendly. look at a photo of a army in a war zone see the faces then take a photo of cops at a fair same look. we are too far apart now. I don't know how to fix it . just that
    ask any cop if he did a good deed today and he will rotfl. in the old days the people of the block could tell their fav cop story like hey officer tom help my dingbat son get out of a tree or uncle bill fell and officer jordan heard him and went to his house and help him, Oh he help my mom give birth to my baby sister.
    well officer what was your good deed for today. I STOPPED SPEEDERS and i told this one axxhole who was like trying to be a lawer HEY I STUCK MY DICX OUT THE WINDOW AND MY BAXXS READ 40 in a 25 zone.LOL
    true stort I heard a cop say that. oh and if you listen to anycop stories they never know anyone they did not arrest, write a report for or who is not on the force, a defence att or da. or family of the police.
    they know noone in the blocks they patrol as people. very few. if any. the canton officer was a soldier in blue not a protector a oppreser. welcome to the monkey house.

  5. If I was the top cop i would say get out of the squads do a good deed every day and if you see someone whos needs help give it. i Saw a old time cop shove snow for old people. help carry stuff in for old people. help kids get across the street. become a man not a uniform. but I guess we can't have that anymore. if you see a guy with a gas can walking from a car with the hood up don't drive past him and give him the finger. stop and give him a ride. OH THats not right you not a cab service your a man of war. eerrr peace.see not a protector a oppresser. most people only see the police on traffic stops and get $ 75 tickets and yelled at.
    no wonder cops hate us and we fear them. we are at wra with each other. if i was to tell the policeofficer side I would talk about times when we tryed to help and were told to get fucx or lied to. or got hurt.
    yea there are two sides the badguys the cops and the rest of us we are trapped in the ground between them.
    how do the cops know who is who. they go by us at 35 mph. they learn to mistrust anyone except a other uniform. sad but true. OH I once saw Chuck tell a cop who was pushing and swearing at some people o a call to get out of herethis is my call and you are out of control.
    then later he call that cop on the radio and they meet in out of the way place and chuck talked to him about people. chuck is not on the JPD now and i have not seen him in 20 years so i don't know if he is still living but he will allways be my idea of what a cop should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Sorry folks, my last couple of interactions with the police have been a bit unpleasent, so much so that i called someone I know in the department, a longtime detective, i told him what was going on, and he said he would talk to the one in perticular, I said I hope so before he messes with me on he wrong day and I give him a reason
    No matter what your reason is, sorry, but if you do something violent to a policeman and think you're going to get a pat on the back from the justice system, you'll lose. Personally, I don't feel like being behind bars and being Mongo's girlfriend, but maybe that's just me.

  7. some people who have killed police officers have beed clear of any charges, cops can break the law so bad that the its legal to use deadly force. just like any buddy else.

  8. To me, (also not being old enough to truly remember the "old days",) it is community interaction that makes a difference. When Portland started its "Community Policing" push in the '90s, the image of the police improved. When it was abandoned, there were more bad incidents than good, and the image got worse.

    So at least in Portland, it appears to be related to the ready accessibility of the officers. The stereotype of friendly cops comes from when there were 'beat cops' who walked regular beats. Whether it was purely a stereotype glorified by Hollywood, or a real phenomenon, it makes sense. When you see someone on a regular basis, you become friendly with them. (In general.) When your only interaction with police is 100% negative, you'll have a negative opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    some people who have killed police officers have beed clear of any charges, cops can break the law so bad that the its legal to use deadly force. just like any buddy else.
    I don't think I would count on using that as a defense, to tell you the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    I think the job changed back when the policeman became a motor patrolman.

    I used to hear my dad complain about this all the time. He grew up in Beverly and Lynn, Mass., and knew quite a few beat cops who would smile and wave all the time. Once they went into the cars they got seperated from the citizens and it became us against them, not us AND them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santa View Post
    This is the best response I have seen on this thread so far. I think far to many cops let the badge go to their heads. A recent example would be that Canton cop. Did he really think he could just kill someone or beat their head in and get away with it? That right there is scary enough.

    Respect is something that needs to be earned. Treat people respectfully and most likely it will be reciprocated. If not, then those are the A-wipes that you need to stay away from. Just my 2 cents.
    Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress;
    but I repeat myself.
    Mark Twain

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