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Thread: video taping LEO'S in wisconson.

  1. WHY I would want to video a stop?? because of all the videos on the record now are you blind!!!
    Have you seen the canton video? setup?? a professional policeofficer would not do anything wrong on a traffic stop he would ask for the DL, insur, regist, and I would give him the ccw permitt and tell him I am a ccw holder and I am armed and the weapon is ---. after that is what would be what I would want taped. just in case something went wrong. police use dash cam in case something go's south. why can't I. are they the only one who are allowed? why? cause people set them up BULLSHIX! OK lets slow down
    it's a new law, policeofficers might not get training on how to handle it, and if i get pulled out of the car like that officer in canton did to that guy I will not be so easy, I will get mad and prob say something to him that gets me beat up. and I want a video to show I just have a reflex mouth not a dangerious action.
    but hoping that all the cops that I run in to are normal people ( I have not been pulled over in 25 years)
    or more i did get stopped when i just got out of the Marines back in 1977.talking to a blond and was speeding. bad combo got a ticket from a young cop and he was pretty good about it told me how to pay or go to court let me back into traffic and said slow down. no problemo, but add a concealed weapon and it being a new law well i don't want what happened to the canton ccw guy to happen to me. YOU Know if there had been no video that guy would be in prison. and no one would belive him. i have insurence on my car so a video would be insurence on my ccw stop. also there are citys in wisconson now being sued on how they treated open carry people and the police have payed in those case so they have done wrong on the open carry laws so why would I think i might need a video when the concealed carry law is in effect. The track record of the police now is not very good so do you think thay will be better over night? they have lost and paid money in most of the cases I have seen so they must be doing something wrong or do you think just because they don't want to fight it in court. that old saying is not for real it's just to make dumb people go ok that sounds logical!!DAH if they paid money on every case they are sued they would break the city. It's cause they did something wrong and a jury would BREAK THE CITY. setup!!!! you must be joking a police officer must allow himself to be in a line of other policeofficers facing a mob who is shouting bad names at them and not react. I am getting off track. I guess it is lawful in wisconson thank you for the video on one side must know . I think it's a good idea in case there are more officers out there like officer hartless in canton.
    they have dash cam we have pocket recorders. OH walmart has a great on a small blackrecorder and it comes in white too it's around $60.00 small as a cig case. push the button and it records two hours, sound and real good wide view. I put it on my center consold and it showed the whole view of me and the front of the hood and the back door frame and all the window. sound was very good heard my brother talking about the cam being so small he did not notice it. sound was very clear we were parked by a road ( GREENBAY RD BY PLEASANT PRAIRIE WIS.) a few trucks passing were too loud to hear words but they went by so fast it was only a sec. so I think they are pretty good.
    I am going to fix the cam to the dash so all i have to do is push the red button. and it starts I am going to cover the red light so it will not show. yea I know ( THATS NOT FAIR BULL SHIX they have dash cam we have a recorder.) Now I hope I never get pulled over and it sits there till I die. but just in case!

  3. Chain of custody me, my lawer, court no problem!!! i heard a cop say no buddy can drive a block with out breaking a law if thats true then no matter what you could be pulled over. so a camera would be a nice thing to have if you run in to the canton's cop brother. and you see all the videos showing bad cops they were let into court, and the cops are no longer cops. so they do work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtbill View Post
    Don't do anything wrong and you won't have to waste your time and his or her's by trying to tape somethng that cannot be brought into court in the first place. Chain of custody will come into the problem and therfore the tape would be thrown out with any half ass attorney.
    The problem with that philosophy is that there is no clear cut definition of "doing something wrong".

  5. have you not seen the video of canton or the lawsuits in wisconson.
    the police have lot of enforcement powers when they do it right not a problem. but when they do it wrong just one time people can die. if the wisconson police are not trained on the new law they could do it wrong a lot.
    having a gun pointed at me or having myself handcuffed and screamed at when I have not broken any law.
    well the only recourse is take them to court without a video the facts are what the police say they are.
    if you have never seen the facts that a officer said were true being a out and out lie then you are blind. video is a fact of a view. nothing more nothing less. it may not show the whole picture.
    but it gives a hard view that can suport or refute verbal statments.
    so it is a just in case like why we carry a gun just in case.
    It's just the cops we have seen on VIDEO SCARES THE HEXX OUT OF US. some of us are more scared of the police than the badguys. and that is wrong we should not fear the police but look at the cases where they have abused poeple who just were following the law and carrying a ccw permitt and a gun
    if they can not follow the law and abuse the people they are sworn to protect they should not be policeofficers. If we carry a gun a permitt and a camera and they don't like any part of it too bad it's ok with the law. if they break the law they should be held accountable.
    is it going to make a problem with any officer who follows the law NO only if the officer breaks the law.
    so I will carry my Permitt, my Drivers License. my gun, and my mini cam.

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    I have seen the video and the scumbag drunken cop that is the star of the video and I would also prosecute the asswipe. That should not throw a cloud over all Police Officers because of his actions. In my 25 years in law enforcement I could have been taped on each and every arrest that I was involved in and I would still have made it to retirement. Not all Police Officers are good or deserve the job that they hold but I do believe that it is a honarable profession and so do my 2 children that are both Police Officer's. My Daughter work's in a small department in New Jersey and my son and I both worked in Atlantic City New Jersey with a force of over 300 people. Yes we had some bad cop's and I saw several of them weeded out in my 25 years, I am sure that my son will see some weeded out over his career span. We both went into the U.S. Marine Corp's at a young age and learned how to treat people the right way without the use of force untill said use was needed. My son is still a reserve Staff Sergeant with over 9 years in and a tour of duty in Iraq and I had my time in Viet Nam. You treat people the way you want to be treated and don't get a swelled head just because you have a badge.
    Semper Fi!

  7. Sir. I have met lots of great police officers most of them doing a very hard job very well.
    I do not fear them but I do not get to pick the one when I make mistake driving that pulls me over. even if I do every thing as safe as possible ( Keep my hands on the top of the wheel, turn off the car, turn the insiide lights on. have my DL, Insur, ccw permitt. be polite.) and still I see people who made a mistake get tore up by a power mad cop. If I get pulled over by a police officer who is a pro no problem give me the ticket be a professional. the guy who is a bully get away with stuff cause its his word vs some other guy. a tape is better than 100 witness. so thank you for your service n I hope all of your family is great, and safe. I hope they never get hurt n live long n happy.
    I still want to carry a video cam it is no disresrect to them it is to protect me from a bad cop.
    there should be no care about a good cop stopping me as he will do his job the right way.
    Oh If I do some thing stupied like I get mad at my girl and hit the gas too hard and get pulled over and the policeofficer yells at me and calls me a dumb bastard! Ok I deserve that I am no kid and well I was a dumb bastard. no problem he made me take my meds for being a dumb bastard. I pay the ticket and do no more speeding. But he pulls me out of the car and puts a gun to my head I am going get a lawer and the video will be on youtube and the tv and ever where i can get it on. thats how you fight a bad cop. I was a marine sgt so I can take a butt chewing, but no more than I deserve. the officers now are facing guns on people and it not a crime now. they have to change. in the old days guns were automatic pull your gun and it's a badguy your facing, not now.!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    ...some of us are more scared of the police than the badguys. and that is wrong we should not fear the police...
    I guess those silly Soviets shouldn't have been scared of the KGB by that logic.

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    The same should apply to police officers as to citizens. If you have nothing to hide there should be no problem in being video recorded right?
    A man's life, liberty, and property are only safe when the legislature is NOT in session. Will Rogers

  10. We are not russians. We are americans thats our logic! can a russian sue the kgb. how many kgb guys went to prison for a crime.
    Go look for ccw badge!!!LOL

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    I don't think most (of course some do I guess) people that want to be able to record any interaction with law enforcement think all LEOs are bad or that all encounters go bad. It's just a fact that some do and they want it to be more than a he-said-he-said deal if it does. It's really not much different than all the ways that LEOs now record interactions, dash cams, cams on tasers and firearms, even cameras worn on the LEOs uniform.
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