New trend? Being charged with illegal wiretapping
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Thread: New trend? Being charged with illegal wiretapping

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    New trend? Being charged with illegal wiretapping

    If this was posted already somewhere here, ok to move or remove...

    So perhaps the new game that law enforcement will play, with sympathetic pin heads on the bench, is to charge videographers with illegal wiretapping. ...That'll teach the punks to try and keep cops behaving properly, eh?

    Here's what I'm talk'n about: Videographer of alleged Melvin Jones beating could be charged with illegal wiretapping |
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    Criminals with badges hate being caught on film!


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    Why should cops worry. They don't have anything to hide do they? Once upon a time if it was their word against yours you were dead meat in court. Now with video equipped cell phones and surveillance cameras everywhere their lies are beginning to catch up with them.
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    Federal court rules that citizens can freely video police in public places without their consent.

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  6. can not be charge anymore as long as a it's open and they know about it. so they can't say it a setup. just video the stop right in front of them.

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