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Thread: Decision to make if an officer pulls you over for a routine traffic violaiton

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    As far as I can find, PA LTCFs have no legal duty to inform.

    I live in WA and there's no duty to inform. I will only inform when legally required.

    If LE is in a good mood, what purpose would there be to it? If LE was in a bad mood, that just seems like an opportunity to stoke the fire.

  3. No duty to inform = none of their business. Why turn a simple traffic stop into a potential firearms issue with you at the complete mercy of the attitude/opinion of the responding officer. No tell = no issue.

    The only exception is if asked about a gun (has never happened to me) or asked to step out of the vehicle (also has never happened to me).

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    Notification in not required in Utah but it is "recommended". I have no problem notifying the officer.

    I have only been pulled over one time while carrying. I was driving my friends car that apparently had a tail light out. So on top of telling him that I didn't know if the car was insured and didn't know where the registration was, I told him I was carrying and produced my permit.

    He clarified the car was borrowed, took my license and permit, asked that I don't shoot him and walked back to his car. After a few minutes he returned, handed me my stuff and told me to get my friend to fix the tail light. I drove away without even a fixit ticket.

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    I do not inform. Why make the situation more complicated than it has to be?

    Trophy, did the officer say he let you off because you produced a ccw? How did you know it was act of informing that got you off? I guess I can say this then...When I first started carrying, and received my first Oregon concealed permit, I would inform on all LEO encounters. Since then, I have been pulled over twice as well, producing my CCW has gotten me two traffic citations. I do not inform anymore.

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    No matter what anyone says or do, out of courtesy I will inform. My driver's license is not connected to my CCW. We have a choice here in Missouri whether we want to connect our CCW to our DL or not. We choose not because when we issue a cheque, we do not want the check-out chicks at the supermarket to know we carry.
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    In NY, at least in Buffalo, I know for certain that it is not reported during a license check. I asked a LE friend of mine, he said no reason to tell.

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    In Michigan we tell the officer we are licenced and whether we are carrieing at the time.

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    It is required in Oklahoma. My LEO friends tell me they would feel better about knowing up front anyway.

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    Probably the best practice is when you hand over your drivers license also hand over your ccw. He will probably ask if you are armed and where the firearm is. Then depending on the officer he may wish to take possession the firearm and return it at the end of the contact. He may just leave it where it is and tell you to do the same. Be honest. Better that you provide the information that you are armed than he notice it and order you out of the car and onto the ground at gunpoint. By handing him the ccw you show responsibility in a calm and respectful manner. Saying "oh by the way I have a gun" can cause stress, where if he sees you are licensed and he starts the conversation there is less stress.

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    There is no way I will inform unless I am legally required. In none of the 3 times Ive been stopped while I was carrying have I notified the leo, nor was I required to. The best part? No time wasted or hassle. No tickets either.

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