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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Interesting. You say you have no problem with someone OC'ing and yet you use phrases like "taunting" the anti-gun crowd, "in your face", "shock into submission" and "Dodge City". I find it interesting that 9 times out of 10 when someone uses phrases like those to describe open carry it is coming from a person who is from a state like New York, Texas, Oklahoma or South Carolina who have never open carried a day in their life, yet they are experts on open carrying and how bad it is.
    Some of those phrases sound more like the VPC or Brady bunch describing all of us than real gun owners, yet they make such statements. Plenty of overall anti-gun comments coming from those who oppose OC. If OC is legal and one wishes to OC then s/he should do what they want. In states like NY OC is illegal. But even if it were legal I would choose to CC for my own personal reason. Anyone who opposes OC should refrain from Forcing their opinion on others exercising a legal right.

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    How does someone stating their opinion constitute forcing? How does the statement that 'you do what you do, That's just not what I would do' come anywhere close to 'forcing'?

    There seems to be a one way street here. Someone states an opinion but he's anti gun because it not someone else's opinion.

    I think there needs to be a reassesment of who is trying to force who!

    My side is 'I don't care what you do, but I'm not gonna do it that way', the other side say's. 'no, you're wrong'.

    Whats wrong with this picture?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Saxon View Post
    here in florida, when they run your dl, the info also comes up that you are a ccw holder. i just give it to them as a courtesy, have had both positive & semi negative response's but, dont sweat it. as i am above board always. also give them my medical card for my pacemaker as a precaution against escalation. cant be tasered, it would kill me.

    No it doesn't.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    The truth is what is. What should be is a filthy lie.

    The truth is, it's not against the law for me to strap my .45 into a thigh holster while wearing a waist-length jacket and stroll to the park. It may, indeed, be that someone, even many someones, think it should be illegal for me to do so. That is THEIR should. Not mine.
    When they "Nudge. Shove. Shoot.",
    Don't retreat. Just reload.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    for me to strap my .45 into a thigh holster while wearing a waist-length jacket and stroll to the park.
    Now you are just teasing us!
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    I think walking down the street naked is against the law and if not, in many cases it should be. I OC about 75% of the time with no issues yet. (As it should be). I just dont understand why this has to be an issue.
    Due to the increased cost of Ammunition I will be forced to discontinue warning shots as of now! USAF Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, 1979-2005

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