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Thread: leo firsked me today!

  1. OH and I am called TIGER Cause that was what people call me in the Marines. my unit was called the WHITE TIGERS. So I use that username. My wife calls me Tiger too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    Dear Drunk beater! I am Defensive! You called me un-american and question my Patriotism.
    Along with being defensive, you seem EXCEPTIONALLY confused, and in point of fact, don't even seem to know to whom you're speaking.

    It's probably just as well that you didn't write a formal complaint. Given the incoherent nature of your posts here, I doubt the cops would even know what you were talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger:249082
    Dear Drunk beater! I am Defensive! You called me un-american and question my Patriotism. So That! gives me the Right to ask you what you have done for our Country. You started the trash talk and smart remarks. So Get ready. You anal retentive Anarchist. Have you written your Manifesto yet! picked out your cave or cabin. Ready to go away and live all alone cause we are not good enuf to be Americans like you? YOU WERE A OFFICER IN THE ARMY, AN INF OFFICER, where did you go to ocs? what was you unit? What is the ucmj? I think your B.S. You procured mine clearing equiment and you think that makes you better than the boots on the ground? You were a skivey stacker! and a security cop wantabe your guarded paper wow did you get a paper cut dang purple heart for you sweet cheeks. The last time the cops talked to you did they read you your rights?
    You would not help the COPS at all! Well most of us would. So you must be the 1%. Guess what! Most 1% are going to jail, are in jail or will be in jail. No wonder you want to protest the cops your a badguy!
    You don't like cops cause your scared of them all of them cause you have reason to be. or did have.
    I just had a small incident with one and you know what if i see him tommorro and he needed my help I would give it to him. Thats how we suport the police and our country. Thank you for showing us your Patriotism. You can be proud of all the dangers you face in the defences of all that paper. Yea you have the right to call marines unamerican and question their patriotism. You made me smile today cause I can see my old buddies in the marines getting a big kick out of you. dang kicking in doors seems so safe compared to your paper guarding and Oh SIR I salute you with my left hand One finger style. You would get you butt kicked from here to dunbar. Your a officer right? you should know what dunbar is? you can make complaints about the police cause they arrested you right for what come on? anger like yours is got to be for a reason!
    do not sit there and scream badcops like your a innocent american we can see it now! was it for something real bad or just peeping. make me laught some more! We just saw you would not help the police, the armed forces, anyone you would help? I stand up and fight when I think it's worth it like now pizzboy!!
    Demanding equal justice under the law (The Constitution of the United States of America) is hardly anarchy.

    I truly love the Marine Corps. Marines are some of the strongest, most disciplined people in the world, but any military service does not make one more patriotic than another. Military service helps one understand why it is important to be patriotic. What someone does with that knowledge determines if they're a patriot or not. It's a never-ending battle. Would you like me to list some unpatriotic Marines? Where do you want me to start; Oliver Stone, Jeremiah Wright, or Lee Harvey Oswald? My point is that they used their service to cover their real motives. It doesn't make the Marines bad, just them.

    1%? This is a theme from the Occupy Movement. If you're a part of this anti-American, communist, leftist group or you buy into their crap, then I have nothing more to say to you.

  5. Still trying to find out what town/city this was in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    OH and I am called TIGER Cause that was what people call me in the Marines. my unit was called the WHITE TIGERS. So I use that username. My wife calls me Tiger too. I will just call you.... PIZZBOY.

    So what was the actual unit designation of this elite Marine unit?
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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  7. Can't we just hug and make up?

    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

  8. Nice photo LCDR.
    H&HS MAG-31-Crash, Fire and RESCUE 7051 Radio call sign whitetiger-1,2,3,4,5, ect for each unit veh. We were pretty good. in cont-usa I think they are at beauford or in japan now. don't know the callsigns now.
    I think Beauford uses Beauford 16 and ect. not sure what iwo use for callsign

  9. Deanimator! ( sorry drunkbeater wrong guy!)
    YEA when I get mad I lash out. like if you were face to face with me and you talked to me like that.
    on line it's easy to be a pricx. cause I said something to that cop that could have lead to a fight and ended up with a bad day and jail. How would you have handled the incident at the gas station?
    what would you have done? As you have lots of time to think about it. I had seconds a cop asked me if I had a permit and I did not see him till he was right in front of me. then he asked me if I have a gun and then he said put your hands on the case. he frisked me and opened the tool pouch. then said ok. your good and walked away.
    would you have said are you detaining me officer? and refused to be searched? cause you try to walk away from a cop who tells you to put your hands up. see what happens. his PC he might have had it I don't know. did he have a apb flyer on a person hitting gas stations in the area that looked like me? I do not know! that would have given him PC. I did not ask. Thats why now I say I wish I had asked him instead of calling him names. What was his PC. what was his side of the incident. I wish I knew. Oh and officer harless in canton had 16 complaints and it took a video to stop him- three in fact. this is a small incident. If there was more to it. I would have done more. I got to tell you I post this incident just to say it happened and i was surprised by it? noone like to be searched or stopped. cops make mistakes. maybe he made one or do i have a twin badguy somewhere? I don't know. but what I do know is this you talk shix behind a computer
    I don't talk about people till they say something to me thats bad. I did not start this stuff.
    I got searched and then people say I should have hit him, file a lawsuit, all this stuff and question my honor. I don't do that to others. I talk to you like I would face to face. You would not say anything like what you do more than one time And I would not be filing a report or a lawsuit. I would be letting you know right then you crossed a line that you should have not crossed. man to ? what ever you are!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Can't we just hug and make up?

    Yay!Peace on the forum!

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    Fwiw I got out of more than a dozen traffic tickets not by kowtow but showing the Leo common respect I show everyone. = Being nice. Seem to work sometimes. Every time they were within there right to give me a ticket for speeding ect...jme

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