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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    How do I know that the LEO confronting me is one of "those" types or not? That's why I will just ask the question when confronted by any LEO...
    Truth is you will not know. However, within a few minutes of interaction you will have a clue how the officer is going to act. I think we should go into every officer interaction with an open mind....If the officer is a bad officer you will know it soon into the interaction process...

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    Don't talk to cops!

  4. First of all, I would like to apologize for my brother in blues stupidity. The remark was uncalled for, and it sounds like he was trying to impress the clerk. In doing so he gives follow LEOs a black eye.
    You could file a complaint with the store. If there is a video camera that would help your cause. Secondly, you could file a complaint with his department or agency. They may or may not take action on it. If this officer continues to get complaints, his department or agency will look into the complaints.

  5. Sir
    Thank you for your words. I was Tick-off at the time and posted the incident on this site, but in the scope of my life it was a minor thing. The officer was young and maybe he was trying to check me out for what ever reason he had. His words bit me more than his action. I do not think most police officers would be so harsh in this situation. If I had hurt someone or he was lead to belive I did then I would think he would have been hard on me. But in a store getting a soda, kinda blew me away. I have since that time kinda been gunshy about interacting with police officers. Even saying goodday passing them in a store or mall.
    But this last sat I was in a mall and some teenagers were being loud and rude with words and volume. and a cop walked around the corner and was on them before they saw him. I could see they were thinking "OH SHIZ" WE ARE DEAD! Real Fear was on their faces. they were three guys and two girls. bad rude words and loud volume while shoppers and kids were around. He walk over to them and leaned in to wisper to them He said a few words I could not hear. their face when white and they apologized and I could say they would not do it again. they then walk away and out of the mall. He said to some older women near him Hey we were young once!
    Sometime I needed a few words to get me to fly right he smiled and walked away. One of the women said "You should have arrested them and put them in jail for a night they will not learn anything by just words.
    He said over his shoulder Then I will see them again.

    This is a small world. someday I might meet that young officer again. I hope it go's better than last time.
    I guess we all need some words to fly right sometime. I am no saint and sometimes I did not fly right.
    I have read lately about a lot of officers getting killed. By very bad guys who hurt a lot of people. So maybe i give this officer a pass and hope he grows to be a older and wiser man. cause as this world gets more dangerous he will prob be in harms way soon. I pray he lives to learn the differents between badguys and people. and not be come jaded by the contacts he runs into most of the time. When all you see is dark bad things done by most of the people you meet you forget the rest of us are not the dark dangerous beings.
    I hope policeofficers can see the good in mothers eyes and babys smiles, teacher laughts and coach's yell.
    Fathers hugs and brothers rolling eyes. I hope in every life that love finds a way in. these things are not hard to find but the person seeing them has to see that they are whats good and feel the value in them cause if you can't see the gold in them then your lost. I saw my neice who is 3 years old blow me a kiss today. when my brother drove her home from my house. She was so cute and that kiss was for me. well how bad can the world be if there is so much good in it. Ok pass the tissue and shut up! GODBLESS US EVERYONE!

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