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    Yeah right! Again, what is, and what should be.

    It's pretty easy to say that when the Navy will bail you out and pay for it while they do, as long as you're right.

    How about the guy with a job who ends up in jail on a trumped up charge that has to get a lawyer, and hope he still has a job when it's over?

    Get real!


    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    You might want to study up on your law, the 4th Amendment and Terry v. Ohio, my friend. His actions are what is called an illegal search and seizure. There was nothing lawful about his actions at all.

    A bulge in your coat provides reasonable and articulable suspicion of a crime being committed? Really? In today's world of iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, any and all the gadgets a person might be carrying in a belt "holster?"

    But, then again, some people will claim that I am just anti-cop....

    Stand in front of a mirror and practice these words until they become second nature any time you see a uniform and badge: "Are you detaining me under suspicion of committing a crime, officer?" If the answer is "no", walk away. If you think that is rude or disrespectful, then say, "Have a nice day, officer" and walk away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keykutter View Post
    Yeah right! Again, what is, and what should be.

    It's pretty easy to say that when the Navy will bail you out and pay for it while they do, as long as you're right.

    How about the guy with a job who ends up in jail on a trumped up charge that has to get a lawyer, and hope he still has a job when it's over?

    Get real!

    I guess we can go through life afraid of the government and giving up our rights. Or we can be discomforted and stand up for our rights. I think his comeback was brilliant one I wouldn't have been quick enough to come up with. But I would have been all over the officer, his supervisor, and certainly would have filed a formal complaint.

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    I worked for the Gov't for 20 yrs. I know what they are capable of, and that is out in the open.

    I've learned that the ONLY thing that we can do is spread the word, try to get through to folks who breath air and not much more except maybe eat, and keep a low profile.

    The other best thing to do is vote and impress on others to do the same.

    Keep your circles tight, keep those who can help in a crisis close and keep your ear to the ground.

    Self professed Hero's usually fold in a real fight but the fight rarely comes to them so they are never outted

    Throwing yourself on a Grenade with nobody else around does not win you any medals.

    Standing up to the law just to prove a point when you weren't really bothered gets people pissed off, right or wrong.

    Being a showboat does nothing but get you groupies. If that's what floats your boat, go for it.


  5. I would have punched him in the face. True story and you can't prove me wrong because this is the internet.

    P.s tuts you're a toolbag go sandpaper your genitals

  6. OH IT's NOT going to be pretty for ME!!! not him. I am for sure going get at least 1 ticket for what ever he pulls me over for. and I am sure what he says is going to be upsetting and scary to me. I did not mean it like I am going beat him down. (That dog don't run a lone.) It's like maybe he will pull a harless stunt and i don't have a video. I just should have taken the punch and walked out.
    (Harless tha canton Police Officer who has a hearing today on being a policeman anymore.)

  7. LCDR I thank you for telling me to stand up for my rights. but if I do that ever time someone walks on my toes I would be very poor and my lawer very rich. ( I DO HAVE MY OWN LAWER- he is one of my fencing kids who grew up and became a lawer and he is very good. ) I would have taken him to court if he had beat me up arrested me or shot me something beside hurt my feeling. and what I said was dumb.
    it made a bad incident worse. not something I am proud of. Maybe if I had not said something and I see him somewhere on the road he lets me go cause he had a laught and did not get insulted and forgets about it.
    now I made a wolf mad and I drive in his woods. But NOT FOR A WHILE! Not going go by gramma house and over the river for a good long while. funny when I was little i got in fights with bullys all the time.
    They are most of the time alone but have a group of people watching. and a few punchs and they look bad and stop bulling me. cause I can fight. just after a while it hurts him and me. my fist are not made for hitting bone heads. (They like holding women better) so merry chrismas happy holidays.

  8. AA LCDR I THINK the officer can say He was thinking it's a gun and search me and no court will say he was not in his rights as a officer to do so. they would give him that much leeway. i am pretty sure.

  9. I think what I wanted to say with this post is be smart pick your fights carefully and let the little one go. don't slap the big dog in the face over a growl. if you have to hit a big dog over something make it's something worth fighting about, then hit it with something that will ( court) mean something to the big dog and his owner.
    pick your fights.

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    Hey Navy: You mention that the thread writer should have asked "are you detaining me under suspicion of committing a crime?". His answer, at that point in time, would have been "yes", based on what I read into this thread (possible CC and no CCWP). Now what? This thread, IMO, comes down "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me". Screw the cop and screw the clerk and you just leave--saying "have a nice day officer" is a good ending though--just enough sarcasm--say it to the clerk as well. As far as the cop's actions being illegal---I do not know and you seem to be clear on that. If a cop confronted me when I am carrying a tool belt or a cell phone or whatever but not a firearm, I would answer him, show him and be on my way---am I giving up my constitional rights etal?--as far as I am concerned the answer is no.

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    Contact your lawyer immediately! A "bulge" is not a reasonable reason to violate your 4th Amendment rights. After that, contact his supervisor and file a complaint for what he said!

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