Got pulled over tonight.
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Thread: Got pulled over tonight.

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    Unhappy Got pulled over tonight.

    I was on the way home and got pulled over by a Lake County Sheriff's Deputy. I was wondering what I had done since it was pretty late and I drive safe anyways. Deputy approaches car and ask for papers, which I carry in wallet as I'm still waiting for my CCW and keep the M&P in the glove box, I handed them over. He then tells me my head light is out (actually a daytime running light) and oddly asks if I have anything illegal in the car. He specifically stated: guns, knives, drugs or anything else. I stated that I'm carrying a knife and that I have a firearm in the GB. Then the coolest thing happens, he asks if he can remove my gun while he goes back to his car or offers for me to step out so he doesn't have to handle my weapon. My jaw hit the floor!

    I offer to step out and he asks to pat me down. I told him I was ex-LEO and I totally understood. He pat me down very gently (as in non offensive) and really wasn't that thorough as he seemed very calm for just the 2 of us alone in a large parking lot. He asked what I was carrying and I told him the M&P and asked if I liked it.

    Anyway, no warrants etc. and I got a "have a nice night and thank you" and went home without a ticket.

    Super Nice Guy. That's actually 2 stops in 2 weeks both by Lake County and both were VERY pleasant encounters. :y:
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    Glad everything went well. It's the new trend for LEO to ask if you have "anything dangerous or illegal" in an official encounter. Many BG actually admit to having a knife, gun, or "personal use" quantities of "street substances" on them.

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    Always good to hear good pull overs. No one wants to get pulled over. My last pull over a few years ago was for lights out, same thing I had the daytime lights on and did not realize it with a new car and everything. I rather like the way the LEO handled that. I am particularly bothered by anyone handling my gun, even a LEO. Giving you the option to step out was super cool. I'd send in comments to the department telling them how pleased you are. It just goes to show that the majority of average cops out there are totally on our side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whiptrackercracker View Post
    I'd send in comments to the department telling them how pleased you are.
    At the risk of some concerns about the site, you might also try
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
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    Glad to hear you had a good experience, considering the situation. I truly have respect for the majority of our LEO and it's nice to hear positive feedback. Thanks for posting

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    Nice! Sounds like a good outcome, we need more of those!
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    smooth encounter. glad to hear it. and respect for the LEO
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    Sounds like a good encouinter overall with the LEO. With respect coming from both sides.
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    I agree.That sounds like just about the coolest,most respecful,and respectable traffic stop there could be.
    I feel that I have to inject something sour in this punchbowl,though.I keep seeing on those cop shows(yes,I know the people they show getting pulled over do not appear to be the smartest) that the LEO asks the 'suspect' if he is carrying anything illegal,they always say no,the LEO asks if he can check in the car,and the suspect says yes.And the LEO always finds something.Here's my question:WHY DO THEY LET THE LEO LOOK IN THEIR CAR!?
    I believe the Constitution does mention something about search warrants.I try to stay on the 'right' side of the law.But if a LEO asks to look in my car,I would politely tell him that he is free to look when I see his warrant.I believe somebody on this forum said if we don't excersise our rights we will lose them.
    Just my $1.00's worth.
    But,again,that was a cool stop.
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    Always good to have a positive encounter. I was pulled over for a turn signal out a couple months back. When the officer walked up I handed him my DL and said you will want to see this and gave him my CHL.He thanked me and then asked me who I was voting for for president. I said I was not sure yet but was sure it would not be one of the Demoncrats. I then said I favored Ron Paul but did not think he had a chance of getting the nomination. He said he and I were pretty much on the same page and he knew if I valued my 2nd amendment rights I would be voting. He then handed both licences back and said, "by the way I stopped you because you have a turn indicator out, have a nice day", and walked back to his car.
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