fightin' random search at a time
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Thread: fightin' random search at a time

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    fightin' random search at a time

    Consent? Cause? Weird.

    NYPD "stop and frisk" up to 600,000 last year.

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    684,330 (potential suspects??) stopped, roughly 342,000 of them frisked/searched, 82,000 of them charged with something... Something being what? Homicide? Burglary? Arson? Assault? Or maybe an unpaid parking ticket perhaps? I wonder if I were walking down the street in NYC if I would be a "potential suspect".
    Good job guys, what about the other 260,000 folks who just got their 4th amendment rights stomped all over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I'll bet if Treo posted that he would be branded as just being "anti-cop".

    "Stop and frisk" with no RAS is no different than a DUI roadblock checkpoint.
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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