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    Scary stuff guys. I got arrested once and it it was in MD. I'm not kean on MD State Troopers. Or their legal system in general actually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    The above URL is the kind of modern weapon I hope I never have to face!
    That's nothing. What you really don't want to stare down is a rifle backed by a rifleman who feels no pain or fear of dying. Or, this thing if you're in a boat. It's not like it's going to peel off and wait for reinforcements; it'll probably just keep coming until you completely destroy it (unlikely), or it finally shoots you. Ouch.

    I'm very curious to know what a future will look like in which the cops can either remotely or automatically arrest someone using a robot and not have to exercise any close-up human discretion over civil rights.
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    Unhappy MiRAMda Rights!

    Stop Human! You are under cyber-detention!
    You have the right to shut down now or you may be forcibly rebooted into a stand-by mode!
    Anything recorded on my data-base WILL be used against you in a cyber-hearing.
    You have the right to consult an online law link.
    You may have a server or ISP appointed if you can not afford an interface.
    Does the human understand all that has been explained?
    Does the human wish to make an entry into my voice receptor?
    Please insert your current federal identification bar-code card.
    Failure to proceed will result in your complete data deletion.
    Follow me to the nearest biological holding facility NOW.
    To protect and serve the legal matrix is everyone's duty!

    Even wolves have bad dreams... sometimes, howllllll!!!!!!

    Canis-Lupus :4:
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  5. Hell it won't be a problem, they are her to serve the public.Lets hope its not on a platter

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